Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mike's here!

Mike made it here around 10:30 last night. We were all so excited to see him. As soon as he hugged me I felt the weight of the world disappear. I felt exhaustion that I hadn't felt lately. Just knowing that now I could rest. Mary Elizabeth & Michala were so excited they didn't sleep.

Not long after he got here he sent me to the ER to get checked out. Thankfully the ER was empty and I got seen right away. I have severe hives and excema. Never had either before. The doctor said there is no way to tell what could have caused it without sending me to an allergist. He said welcome to Iowa. He said there is so much blooming right now it could be anything. They ran IV benadryl and gave me meds and cream. I went and got those filled and still made it back to the house in an hour and a half.

Abe's appt this morning went well. When Maria took his cast off I couldn't believe his feet. Dr. Ponseti came in and said oh. I asked what he thought and he said his feet look normal. He asked what I thought. I said they looked beautiful. They are really red and swollen from all the stretching and casting. He first said this cast and then do the tenotomy on Monday. My first thought was we would be coming home Tuesday on Marlee Anne's birthday. We have dealt with doctors and hospitals long enough to know not to get too excited about good news. Dr. Ponseti started stretching his foot and said oh no his foot is very stiff. So at least two more cast. Then tonight we got a phone call telling us that Dr. Ponseti wants to recast on Friday to see if he can get a better stretch. They got molds of his feet today for his shoes to be made so we can get those before we leave. Today there was a doctor from Sweden learning from Dr. Ponseti.

After getting back from casting we decided to go out. Iowa has changed. Every thing is turning green and looks so much brighter. Maybe that's cause Mike is here now. We road up to Coralville Lake and dam. It was a beautiful drive. Some of the old homes are really nice. It was amazing to see the power of that water at the dam. Mike and Marlee Anne went and explored the fossils. As we were riding along Marlee Anne hollered that there was a racoon. Sure enough off in the woods on the walking path was a racoon. She has her daddy's eyes for spotting animals.

We had planned to meet Marlee Anne's friend Rylan and her mom at Iowa City Power Restaurant. When we got there they weren't there. Once we got back to the house we found out they weren't able to get a ride from volunteer. We had a nice dinner there. Mike thought the restaurant was really neat.

Mike and Marlee Anne walked across the street to the ballfield once we got back to the house. I don't even think they made it through an inning before Marlee Anne was ready to walk back. When they got back she gave Gesseppe (not Joseph) an Atlanta Braves shirt that Mike picked up in Georgia for him. Gesseppe was more interested in playing. His mom was very excited about it though. She had told me before that they love the USA and love shirts from different states. We thought that would be a great thing for him to have to remember us by.

Marlee Anne, Abe & I walked down to the library while dad, Michala & Mary Elizabeth chilled out for a little bit. Rylan, & Noah were down there with their moms. Soon Gesseppe came in with his mom. His mom was very upset because Gesseppe's sister Georgia had started throwing up. She had gotten hit in the head Monday. They have gone now to the ER to have her checked out. Please pray for Georgia and her family. They were supposed to fly home to Italy tomorrow and have had to postpone the flight until at least Friday.

We got a phone call at 9:00 tonight telling us there was a package downstairs for us. Marlee Anne & I went down to get it. It was a HUGE box on a pull cart. He said we couldn't lift it and her would take it up on the elevator. I could not imagine what was in the box. It was from Stewart Baptist Church Women's Ministry. When we opened the box we all said WOW! It was packed. Craft stuff, art stuff, scrapbook stuff, wonderful towels, Blue Plate mayo, yoohoos, snacks, toys and some money marked fun money. We have been so blessed by these ladies already and now here they are again. God really is using these ladies.

Well it's time to turn in for the night. Thank you so much for your prayers for Mike to arrive safely here. I will check in tomorrow. Everyone have a great day!!!


Anonymous said...


I am thankful and relieved that Mike is with you guys now. Abe's litle feet are just beautiful! I am also convinced that you are in the right place with the right doctor. As you always do, you are making a wonderful adventure out of a not so wonderful situation. Our prayers are with you!!

Melanie Hodges

TheLinFamily said...
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TheLinFamily said...

Hey Kelli,
I'm so glad Mike made it up there safely. Abe looks so good and I can't believe the change in his feet! So wonderful to see that progress!

Aunty Helen said...

Abe's feet look great! How is he doing with his eating and his weight? I am so glad you are enjoying Iowa. This is the home stretch now.
Always in my prayers,
Auntie Helen