Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thankful for the sunset

I don't think I have ever been so thankful for the sunset. It's time to rest right. I didn't say sleep because I am not so sure there will be very much of that. I am so very tired, my eyes are filled with tears and I am so ready for this day to be over.

The wind was blowing so very hard this morning. I got up and got everyone ready to go. Soaked Abe's cast and wrapped them. I was able to pull the van under the awning at the house to hopefully block some of the wind. The wind was blowing the van on the way to the hospital. I was hoping this was the only glitch in our day but I wasn't so sure. When we pulled in the parking deck at the hospital there was our perfect parking place. I blinked because I couldn't believe what I saw. It's amazing sometimes what little things in life help to make life a little easier. That perfect parking spot sure did. I got everyone unloaded, Mary Elizabeth and Michala in their wheelchairs and Abe strapped on. Even though we were in the parking deck the wind was so strong it blew Michala away in her wheelchair. Marlee Anne was a very big helper and pushed Michala.

We got into the hospital and made it to our appt early. Maria got Abe's cast cut off and I cried when I saw his precious little feet. I could see it working. We took him to weigh him and he has lost 3 oz. PLEASE pray that he gains some weight before Monday. I didn't even get to take pictures of his feet because Dr. Ponseti was in the room waiting on us when we got back. There were also two physical therapist from Wales. They are practicing with Dr. Ponseti because they do the Ponseti method in Wales and actually do the casting. There was a Dr from Iraq and one from Iran along with the other two from Italy. We had a room full today. I am just amazed to see that doctors travel so far to learn from Dr. Ponseti. It shows you just what a master he is.

Dr. Ponseti was able to get Abe's foot straight. He seemed very pleased as was I. Because of the position he got his foot in he had to bend his knee a lot so that the casts wouldn't slide off. Abe is not comfortable with it but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

It takes 24 hours for his cast to dry so after going through McDonalds drive thru for a treat we went back to the house. It was a VERY long afternoon.

I started this email around sunset. I had a bad attitude and you want to know what God used to change that attitude? A poopy diaper by Abe. I was so excited that Marlee Anne called Mike to tell him. He didn't share my excitement in quite the same way. It had been a while since Abe had been and I had even called his peditrician about it. Once again sometimes it's the small things that bring smiles to our faces and eases our worries.

We heard Joseph in the hall so we opened the door to say hello. He was walking in his cast with his grandaddy and mom. We had such a great time cheering him on. He would walk a few steps then fall face first. He laughed so hard. We just cheered and he got back up and started again. We had an easier time communicating with them tonight. This is the family from Italy. Marlee Anne let Joseph play with Sophie her little stuffed dog. Well Joseph walked off with it. His mom realized and made him give it back to Marlee Anne. He was so upset and started screaming. Marlee Anne was so very torn. She wanted so bad to give it to him but she knew she would miss it. She asked if we could try to find him one so he could have one like it.

Tonight I got to meet the mom from South America. We had been emailing back and forth but had not run into each other yet. While we were talking to the family from Italy she came up and introduced herself. We are going to try to get together tomorrow and spend some time together.

A highlight of our day was a wonderful package we received. It was from my friend from Snapping Shoals. She makes the most wonderful cookies in the world and the box was filled with oatmeal chocolate chip, peanut butter (I will try to save some for Mike) and chocolate chip. They are heavenly! Talk about a comfort food. She sent Mary Elizabeth & Michala each the cutest little Minnie Mouse. Abe got the softest Tigger. I hope it becomes his George cause it's so sweet! Marlee Anne quickly claimed the playdoh kit and has really enjoyed that today. We have all enjoyed reading the beautiful books she included. We even have a new Curious George coloring book and crayons.

I also received a beautiful handmade card from one of the PC Crafters. I am thinking it may be Kathy's friend. The card is so beautiful!

Tomorrow night we are hoping to get to Barnes & Noble for the book signing. Dr. Ponseti's wife has written a book about him and she is having a book signing tomorrow night. It will all depend on the weather. It's suppose to be raining and windy.

Several of you have been forwarding my emails and sharing our blog. I wanted to tell you thank you. I have received emails from other people because of that and they have blessed me. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. Thank you for your continued prayers!


Kimberly Malcom said...

I wanted you to know that I am keeping up with your blog an e-mails. Aunt Faye (Huckaby) is forwarding us your e-mails and I got your blog address from Amber (Zittrouer's) blog site. I check your blog nightly! It (along with your attitude during this whole ordeal) has truly been an inspiration to me! As a special educator, I, too, understand the magnitude of "the small things" or the things that people take for granted in life. It's amazing but "no matter what happens" these precious children so easily adapt to their everyday struggles and we all rejoice in their determination and ability to keep smiling!! I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I am so happy to hear that Abe and the girls are doing so well! Let me know if you need anything whatsoever!!
Love, Kimberly Malcom

Aunty Helen said...

Dear Kelli,
I am so excited about Abe's little feet. You are right, they are the cutest and I have seen lots of baby feet. God bless the wonderful doctor for caring for Abe. I hope he is able to rest better tonight. Don't worry about the weight. It will happen. I know he is probably a little uncomfortable and that may be affecting his appetite.
Marlee Anne is so precious for wanting to share her toy. Children can teach us such valuable lessons.
1 Samuel 2:
7 “The LORD makes poor and rich; He brings low, He also exalts.
8 “He raises the poor from the dust, He lifts the needy from the ash heap To make them sit with nobles, And inherit a seat of honor; For the pillars of the earth are the LORD’S, And He set the world on them.
9 “He keeps the feet of His godly ones, But the wicked ones are silenced in darkness; For not by might shall a man prevail.

pandasmom said...

I am so glad to have found your blog. Now I can keep with you and your family again. We love you all, and we know that God has a mighty plan for this precious little boy. We pray without ceasing for you all, and we know what a mighty God we serve!
We love you all!
Keren & Amanda

Anonymous said...

So well're a great writer!