Tuesday, May 26, 2009

life update

Time has gotten away from me and I didn't realize I hadn't sent a more recent update. My friend Kathy came and got Marlee Anne to spend some time with her, Abe just had rescue meds, Mary Elizabeth is napping and Michala is playing. I thought I would take this chance to share some thoughts.

First I want to say thank you to each one of you for your thoughts, concern, love and prayers. Each one of you make up a part of our lives and we are thankful for each one of you. Everyone has their own challenges and it's easy to let life get in the way. When you take the time to care about us and check on us it means more than you will ever know. Thank you!!!

Abe is doing about the same. We are trying to get 24 hours without a fever but so far that hasn't happened. We almost get there and then it spikes again. He is still on oxygen but we know that is helping his little body heal so he doesn't have to struggle so hard. Please continue to pray for strength for him and healing of his little body from the pneumonia and the constant seizures.

Michala's seizures are changing. The 2 bad ones that she has been having have seemed to increased a little. She is having 4 a day but shorter than before. So I guess that's really about the same. Weaning her from the Keppra has seemed to help her mood some. She doesn't seem to be quite as aggressive as she was.

Mary Elizabeth my sweet angel is being so very good. She is being very patient, gives me that sweet smile and uplifting laugh several times a day. Constantly reminding me what's important in life.

Marlee Anne - tell me how old she is again. Mike and I chose not to keep things from her. We are very open in our conversations about things. She knows what is going on with the girls and Abe and always when things in life happen. We used to be very good about praying together each night as a family. Like so many other things in life, life got in the way. She has been reminding us each night. I have to find a way some how to get a tape recorder so that we can record her praying and of course Mary Elizabeth too. She always has something to say. I am blown away each night and can never remember all that she says. Between the laughter and the tears I have a lot to contemplate when we are done.

The other night she was outside with Mike. When she came in I was feeding Mary Elizabeth and she asked did I need anything. I needed 3 things done I think. When I got finished asking her to do those things for me she said what else do you want, a limo. That girl. It's nice to be reminded that God has a sense of humor.

I am in the process of marking things off my to-do list, which goes way back. So if you get a card or some thing and think why am I getting this now. It's because I am trying to play catch up. Thanks for understanding.

Last Thursday Mike and I went to the funeral service for Carman's sweet babies, Sara Beth and Anna Belle. I am still searching for peace about that. Please keep Carman, Billy, Emily and their families in your prayers. Jason shared scripture that at the time I took it but it didn't really seem to fit or help me right then.

23 "But now he has died; why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me." (2 Samuel 12:14-23).

Then on Monday we celebrated the life of Jake Hewell at a memorial service on the year anniversary of his death. When I walked over the hill and I saw the very large group of people there I was so very touched. A year after his angel day he is still touching lives. What an amazing testament to Denny and Maggi on the child that they raised. What a wonderful testimony of a child whose smile I still see. How many times do we not know how we touch someone's life. What an incredible thing to see on Monday. Rob did a tremendous job on the service. His words were so peaceful, so comforting and so uplifting. What a joy and honor to be there for this. Rob also used the above scripture. It touched my heart right away and I realized the reason I had heard those some words on Thursday even though my heart wasn't ready for them that day. Just to know that one day we will join Jake there in Heaven. Trey did a wonderful job with the songs he did. Josephine and Hugh opened their home for a lovely reception afterwards. My prayer is that Denny, Maggi and Connor will know just how much they are loved and know how Jake touched people and that he will never be forgotten - #25. Please keep this dear family in your prayers!

Thursday is the anniversary of Mary Beth's angel day. Please lift up her family as they deal with this sad time. It's hard because all this hit our little town around the same time on different years, so it's a tough week.

I know there is more that my heart wanted to share but right now that's as far as I can get. Life is hard. I am so very thankful that God is there to carry us through it all.

I pray that each one of you that have a loved one that fought or is fighting for our freedom had a blessed Memorial Day. So many families were in our thoughts and prayers yesterday. Thank you to each one that gave their life and is serving now.

With love and thanks to each one of you!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My baby girl is 7!

Wednesday, May 6th was my baby girl's 7th birthday. I cannot believe that Marlee Anne is 7. Some days she seems 27 in the way she acts. All good! All good!

Tuesday night around 10 it hit me that she could get in free at Disney World. So I thought why not. I asked Mike if he could get off work and he said no. Well that wasn't going to stop us. I thought and thought of who I could get to go with us. Leave then, drive all night, go to the park on Wednesday, spend the night and back on Thursday. I had it all planned! Well that day Mike had given me $40 for some things we needed while I was out. He said anything left from that $40 you can use for ya'll while ya'll are at Disney. He said you realize that even though Marlee Anne gets in free the rest of you have to buy tickets. He went on to remind me of gas and a place to stay. OK my voice of reason. Needless to say we are not at Disney World tonight.

She was given the choice to do whatever she wanted to do today. It's such a blessing for her not to ask for anything that I would ever say no to any way. She is really such a very sweet girl. We named some places we could go when Mike got off work. She said mom I would really like to stay at home and play games. She wanted mine and Mike's full attention. Games it was. We played the Wii and board games. It was a fun night. She got to pick what we had for supper. Easy one and we all knew she would pick Taco Bell - her favorite.

Sunday she had an amazing birthday party at Aunt Kim & Uncle Papa's. She and Uncle Papa planned the menu like always. Uncle Papa even threw in some surprises. It turned out to be a very nice day and everyone enjoyed swimming. She had a Tennessee party with a delicious orange T shaped cake. Almost everyone wore orange. She got some wonderful gifts that she was very excited about.

I was afraid today would be a let down cause she didn't get presents but Aunt Debbie and Aunt Ann gave her cards. Aunt Kim surprised her with one of her favorite eatable fruit arrangements. It was beautiful and delicious. It had scrumptious chocolate covered strawberries in there. Mackenzie came up and brought her present to her. Our sweet neighbors baked her cookies and came over to sing happy birthday.

She was thrilled with all the phone calls and birthday wishes she got too. Here is a very special birthday wish she was so very excited about http://cyndiakadisneyqueen.blogspot.com/ from my soul sister Cyndi! Thanks so much Cyndi! Thanks so much for everyone who made her day so very special.

We love ya'll!!!
Marlee Anne and family