Friday, April 11, 2008

Abe's 2nd casting

This morning Abe and I went over to the hospital by ourselves so that I could drive and make sure I knew exactly where I was going. We had to soak his cast before we left the house so they could be cut off. He did a great job and slept right through it. It scared me because when they took the cast off his feet went right back the way they were. The nurse said that was what they were going to do but they were easy to move. When I touched his little feet they moved. They have never moved like that. I have tears once again thinking of it. I am amazed how this is working. It's so very exciting. Dr. Ponseti said that Abe's feet are still very stiff. I took pictures of the casting display and pictures of Abe's feet and of him with Dr. Ponseti. I will post those on our blog. I don't know if I have shared the fact that Dr. Ponseti is 93 years old. The casting method is called the Ponseti method and was developed by him.

A package today with the girls and Abe's medicines. What a blessing! We were trying to figure out how to get there meds to us. Our friend picked them up from the pharmacy and another friend FedX them to us. They even sent flowers to brighten up our room and autograph picture of the precious dog. Thanks so much ya'll!!!

We went out for awhile today since tomorrow it's supposed to snow. It was very cold and rainy. I got pictures of the Crest Motel and will post those too. We went to Kent Park just to ride though to see if it would be a place we would like to go back to later during our trip when the weather is nicer. It's a beautiful park and I am sure even nicer in the spring when everything is green.

Tonight we had baked potato bar, salad and brownies. I am not sure who brought them. Each night someone brings food to the house for the families. Local groups, like churches, school groups or civic groups. I am amazed by the volunteers around here.

While downstairs I got to spend more time with the family from Canada. It's so nice to have the support of others families that have been through the casting process or are going through it with us. Most of them here now have had the casting process done before and are here now to have it corrected because it was done wrong at their homes.

Please pray for snow for Marlee Anne. She is so excited about the possibility of it. However her RMH volunteer friends are not looking forward to it. They say they have had way too much of it this winter. We hope everyone is doing great and has a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for your prayers for a successful visit today.

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