Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our day today

Well today was a day filled with crying once Shirley and Ashlen left to drive back to Wisconsin. We had a wonderful time with them and it was hard to see them go. My back appreciated the much needed break from lifting the girls. Just to have the emotional support and friendship here meant so very much.

Last night when Marlee Anne went to the mall she got Joseph a Webkinz puppy. Not exactly like hers but he was really excited to get it. I am attaching a picture of them together.

Today a group brought sloppy joes, taco salad (reminded me of Tamela's and was such a nice touch of home), congealed salads, potato salad (not Staci's or Aunt Gwen's, but Michala enjoyed it), and lots of cookies and cookie bars. I am missing food from home. It is so nice to have such kind people doing this though. I looked out the window these morning and saw about 10 cars drive up. Everyone that got out had some sort of dish to bring in. For drinks they place a cup of quarters out for everyone to go downstairs and get a soft drink. They have two drink machines and the drinks are only a quarter.

The temp did drop last night in the room to about 63 but everyone seems to be doing ok from it. We bundled up really good. Today the sun is shining and the room has warmed up so hopefully it will not get as cold.

Shirley brought Michala a bag full of magazines so now it really looks like home. Michala loves to flip through and tear up magazine. I can't believe I forgot to bring some from home. That has made a huge difference with Michala's attitude too. She was missing her magazines.

Tonight one of my "little sisters" Brooke is flying in to spend the week with us. All of us are excited about her coming. Hopefully the weather will be nice so we can get out and do some fun stuff while she is here. If not we will get some much needed rest I guess. Please pray she has a safe flight.

Tomorrow Abe has his 4th casting. Please pray that he will do good during the casting and it will be very successful. I can't wait to see his feet when they take the cast off. Also please pray that he has gained weight. I will check in some time tomorrow evening to let ya'll know how it goes. Thanks so much for your continued prayers.

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