Thursday, March 10, 2011

What if...

What if you woke up this morning and the only thing you had left was what you thanked God for last night?


Appt update

Well it didn't go the way we were expecting. Good news is Abe got a much needed larger gtube even though we couldn't get him an appt. Hopefully that will help cut down on the irritation & bleeding. 

Bad news is Michala is so impacted that she is going to have to be admitted 2-3 days (praying for 24 hours) for an ng tube (I will have nightmares about that one for sure) & golytely. She has some bleeding but for now we will take care of this & then deal with that. She said we may have to end up with a gtube to be able to control this. 

She did say for us to go ahead with our trip & we will admit her when we get back. Just one more thing! My attitude has stunk lately & this is definitely not helping. Gonna put it behind me & deal with it when we are back. 


I feel like I haven't sent an email in quite sometime. We are heading to Egleston for Michala's GI appt & hopefully they will see Abe to. I just thought I would update while I had a chance. 

Michala has never seen GI. We are hoping for a direction with her stomach issues. We couldn't get Abe in for an appt until the end of the month. I think his gtube is too small & is what is causing so much irritation. We are hoping she will check him & measure him for a new one. 

Friday night Mike & I had a date. Our dear friends have been wanting to come over to play with our babies while we went out. They kept asking when they could come. Finally they gave us dates & said ya'll are going. We had a wonderful night out. When we got back home the house was full of laughter & smiles. They even asked when they could do it again. What a blessing to have friends that want to spend time with our children. It meant a great deal to us that they would give of their time for us. 

Other than that not much is happening in our world. Just the daily fun stuff. Mike has a conference coming up next week so we will be heading to Orlando. We are very excited for some sunshine & to see our wonderful Disney friends. 

We are almost there so I will cut this short. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!