Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Depending on Him!

Today I realized why Mike is not here with us. I count on him, rely on him, depend on him to carry me, to carry us. I sometimes get caught up in that. Today God was very evident in my life. Today I had to rely on God. To get through this I have to keep my focus on God because I know I cannot do this on my own.

The past two days I have been struggling with some fears. I know there is a possibility that Abe does have a Mitochondrial disease. Each time I pick him up I pray over his little neck and precious head. I pray that it will be strong enough. I pray that his spine will hold him up and his sweet little legs and feet will be able to carry him to walk. I don't want to miss the wonderful baby that I have been blessed with because I am worrying about what might be. Please pray that Abe will be the perfect child God has created him to be. Please pray that I will not continue to allow Satan to bring worry into my mind and that no matter what God's will is for Abe's life I will continue to give Him praise.

The night of the tornado warning Mike told Marlee Anne not worry about something she had no control over. I have hung on to that the past two days. I do not want to continue to worry. I have realized that I need to focus on today, right now to get through this part of Abe's journey.

Mary Elizabeth has been her wonderful beautiful patient self all day today. Michala has done much better and seems to have accepted the fact that Mike is not here right now. Marlee Anne has had some sad moments missing her daddy but she hasn't cried as much. Thanks so much for your prayers concerning that.

We received two wonderful packages today. One from our friends in Norway. It included a cute little onesie for Abe and pony tail holders for the girls. It was mainly a pampering gift for me which selfishly I LOVED! Spa treatments with mask and things, along with some very special chocolate. This is from the card that came with it. SMIL (=Smile) to keep me happy, NEW ENERGY to keep me going although times are rough, MONOLIT because I am a rock (look at Wikipedia.org & the Vigeland park - the Monolith) and I stand tall through so much, KVIKK LUNSJ (quick lunch) because I might need just that. Remember all this was written by my sweet friend not me. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vigeland_Sculpture_Park

The other package was from Marlee Anne's friends. They sent her a paint by numbers book (the Ronald McDonald House thanks you!), Dora game and a Jr. Mad Libs (I am terribly excited about that one, we are really gonna have fun with that). Michala got the neatest set of bubbles.

My oh so sweet 5 year old. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth. Most everything she does she explains to Abe so that she can teach him things. Well today we were giving the girls showers cause we don't have a bathtub (another luxury I miss). We were all in the bathroom and Marlee Anne was helping me. Well we ended up laughing so hard cause it was quite comical. Sorry for that blip. Well we started giving Abe a bird bath and she had to potty. While I finished up she went into detail about he would potty different from her, how to wipe and so on. May have been more info than ya'll needed but a sweet - funny moment I want to remember.

Marlee Anne also received a card from Granny & Papa. She said as she was opening that she bet there was money in it. She said if there is she is going to give it to Abe because he is fragile and she gets stuff all the time and he should get something. There was $5 with a note that said maybe she could go to Chick-fil-A with it. She still decided to give it to Abe.

Wednesday is a big day and we could use some specific prayers please. Abe will get his 3rd set of cast tomorrow. Please pray that the wind will die down when it's time to get everyone in and out of the van. Please also pray that God has marked the perfect parking place for us to be able to get in and out of the hospital easily. Please pray that Abe does well getting his cast changed. Also that he has gained weight. We will weigh him in between castings.

OK I think that's all for now. Sorry this is so long. Today my friend asked me if it helps to share with ya'll. It's such a healing time for me to share this with ya'll. I hope that ya'll enjoy this journey, this rollercoaster ride with all it's ups and downs. Thanks for hanging on with us.

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I see Mike in him in that last picture...