Saturday, April 12, 2008

Daddy's Little girl

I wanted to post some pictures today and Mike took Michala and Marlee Anne out for a little while, so I thought I would do it now. I love seeing how the girls all love Mike so dearly. If they had a choice they would choose Mike over me. Well maybe not Mary Elizabeth. Michala goes to Mike before me and Marlee Anne will sit in the van with Mike while I go in any store. As soon as Mike gets out to go in the store she jumps at the chance to go with him.

That's ok though because I know I was the same way. I was/am a Daddy's girl. This morning the coffee cup I used said I love my daddy. I do love my daddy and miss him every day. I am glad the girls have that relationship with Mike. It might not be so good when he leaves tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of them playing basketball at the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City. (I am putting all that info so that when I go back to scrapbook these pictures years from now I will remember where it was). Hopefully it won't take me years to get it done.

This is a picture Marlee Anne took. She had to make sure her Kansas City hat was right beside Abe. She is so very proud of that hat. AND her baby brother!

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Jennifer Kelly said...

I bet Abe will be a "Mama's boy" boys are! :)