Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beautiful day in Iowa

Yesterday we woke up to stormy weather but soon the sunshine broke through and it was a beautiful day. We all get ready to get out for a little while. A mom from Canada had told me about some outfits at the Carters outlet that work great with the shoes and braces. The drive to the outlets was really nice. The last time we went there is was still brown every where. This time it was so green and really beautiful!

On the way there we stopped by Culvers to get some lunch. I really liked it. They are known for there butter burgers and custard. I got neither one of those. I had a philly steak that was very good along with wonderful onion rings. They didn't have sweet tea. Watch when I get home I won't even want sweet tea anymore. Brooke had a butter burger and Marlee Anne had some fries. We will have to go back and have custard some time.

It was very windy so we kept Mary Elizabeth, Michala & Abe in the van as much as possible. I went in Carters and was so glad to be able to find the outfits for Abe. On sale for 70% off so ya'll know that made me even happier. I love a deal. Brooke went in Nike and found some new tennis shoes. I think she will need them after we get done running her around this week. LOL!!!

We went back into downtown Williamsburg to the park. While I fed Abe, Marlee Anne & Brooke enjoyed the playground. Brooke was amazed at Marlee Anne. She made a friend right away. She and Aden had lots of fun playing together. There was a group of school children and the teacher told them to come get their puppets. Marlee Anne asked what they were doing and Brooke said I don't know. Marlee Anne asked could she ask them. She went right up to the teacher and asked her. She got her outgoing personality from her daddy. NOT!!! She asked Brooke what time it was in Georgia and she was so upset that it was 5:30. If she got back to the house before 6:30 she could play on Webkinz with Meagan. She knew we wouldn't make it back before Meagan left her house.

We stopped by Hobby Lobby to see if they had the University of Iowa scrapbook for Abe's club foot journey. They didn't so we went to the local scrapbook store. I knew they had it there but I was hoping to get a better deal at Hobby Lobby. I hate to do that because I love to see local stores stay in business and not be closed by the big changes. A dear family friend, my sister, and my cousin sent us fun money so I didn't feel guilty about buying something like that. I had planned to wait until the end of our trip but decided I would go ahead and splurge. Thanks ya'll for the fun shopping day!

We found the Iowa City Power Restaurant so we stopped to eat before heading back to the house. The day before Mimi treated for Brooke's birthday and it was our plan for us to treat the next meal. WELL we changed that around a little bit. Thanks Mimi for our delicious dinner at the Power Plant. It was so very good! I am even saving some fun money to treat Mike to dinner there when he gets here. It's really a beautiful place to. It's the old power plant set right on the river. We were seated right by the window and really enjoyed the view. The service was wonderful. I enjoyed the prime rib I had but the best was the creme brulee.

Back at the house it was time to get everyone for bed and ready for a new day. We had a wonderful day in Iowa.

This morning we got an amazing package from Camp Sunshine. OK WHO packed the bag? Where is my green t-shirt? No I am only joking but I do LOVE those!!! Ya'll did that on purpose so I would have to buy one at the next event. LOL!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my red t-shirt. The girls do love their t-shirts too. Wonderful blanket, hooded towel and I LOVE Abe's bib!!! The toy set has already been a huge hit this morning. We will get the tote bag packed and ready for a beautiful day out in Iowa. Ya'll are the best and we can't thank you enough for once again sharing a journey with us. Thanks for the card with all your words of encouragement and the great pictures from Big Apple Circus. We miss ya'll and hope to see ya'll soon! Ann, I could use Spa Sydell night right now.
Thanks to everyone for all your prayers!

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Lu-Lu said...

Dear Kelli, I check your blog daily - for some reason it is better than reading the emails, maybe because of the pics. Your stories touch my heart, especially the one at the bookstore, with Dr. and Mrs. Ponsetti. I am thankful that Abe's feet are responding well to the castings. Praying for you all.

Lucy Henderson