Monday, August 30, 2010

What a week!

WOW what a week this has been. Just realized I haven't updated. This is being sent from my charter email address & I hope I have it all straightened out now.

We still haven't heard from Abe's sleep study. Hopefully they got enough info. He slept for an hour then the seizures started. During that hour they had to put him on oxygen. I think a lot of it was positional. I guess I should have paid attention to it being a full moon. Got him settled back down & he slept for another hour. He was back awake having more seizures so they decided to disconnect him & send us home. It was 3:00 AM so I went through McDonald's drive thru for a cup of coffee. I dislike driving, especially at night on little sleep. We made it home safely though.

Let's see the rest of the week was fairly uneventful thankfully. Friday my dear friend came into town & I met her for lunch. What a blessing! I enjoyed that so much! I know it sounds crazy but it was really nice to have some girl time.

Saturday I went to the Horizons of Hope event which is an ACS & Kimberley Chance Atkins fundraiser. I was asked to donated some items for their auction. I was so honored to be included in this great cause. It was hosted by Longaberger consultants. They did a wonderful job!

Sunday when I was loving on Mary Elizabeth she felt very cold. It's a weird cold that's kinda hard to describe. When I took her temperature it was 91. I started with the warming process & she got up to 93. She was having some respiratory issues so we decided it was best to go ahead & take her to Egleston. I love when things fall into place. Once there we had an amazing team of doctors, nurses & techs taking care of her. They took us right back & began working with her. They sent in the transport team to start her IV because they knew she was a hard stick. She was in the bed looking at me when "he" walked in. "He" said hey beautiful girl. Well she immediately rolled over toward him & smiled that beautiful smile. I knew right then she was going to be ok. Each time something like this happens I start thinking is this it. Is this the one that will take her life. Is this when her mito disease will progress. So that turning point at the hospital meant a lot to me. She continued to flirt with him & is now on restriction. LOL!!! He got all the IV stuff together & looked for a good vein. I told him to please let me know how I could help him. He said please pray. OH MY!!! OK Mary Elizabeth you can flirt with him. He got it on the first stick but because they had to get so much blood it blew. He apologized & was able to get the IV started on the next stick. The doctor said her labs were perfect & her xray of her lungs was clear. The doctor said he thought it was an upper respiratory virus & we could go home unless I felt better with her staying. He said he was concerned with her picking up something in the hospital. So we went home! Her temperture is staying between 95-96. As long as we can keep it up I think we can push through this. Thanks to everyone for the prayers!

remembering my brother Tommy

I think I may share these stories each year with ya'll but I can't resist remembering my precious brother. Sunday was his angel day & I didn't get to send this since we were at the hospital.

I have so many wonderful memories of him. I want to share a couple with ya'll. When I was little, well actually maybe 8 I still wanted to sleep with my daddy. My mom would have no part of that so Tommy would set his clock, wake me up before mom got up so she didn't know I slept in the bed with them. Tommy would even let me sleep in his twin bed with him. I remember him turning on his side & holding me so I wouldn't fall out of the bed.

When Michala was diagnosed with cancer Tommy really wanted to do something to help us financially. His dream was to have a Harley Davidson motorcycle. He had just gotten it right before Michala was diagnosed. The last time I saw Tommy was at Michala's celebration of life ceremony. That week he died. After he passed away mom told me that Tommy wanted to sale his Harley & give us the money to help with our bills. To this day I still cry about that. Tell me that's not true sacrificing love.

Thanks for letting me share a couple of memories of my wonderful brother Tommy who I miss each & every day. For those that don't know that's where Abe's, Thomas came from in his name. Tommy & my daddy. I am sure they would both be proud to have such a sweet little boy named after them.


Monday, August 16, 2010

24 years ago today!

Ok warning this could get sappy so delete now if you don't want to suffer 
through it.

24 years ago today I married a man I thought I loved. Over the past 24 
years he has taught me true unconditional love that goes far beyond a 
feeling. He is now my best friend, my rock, the true love of my life. 
I could not have walked this journey with anyone but him. If I ever 
begin to question God knowing what He is doing all I have to do is 
remember He brought us together.
You know when my daddy walked me down the aisle that day never did I 
dream what lied ahead. I remember Mike & I laughing & smiling so much 
during the ceremony. Those smiles & that laughter have gotten us 
through so much.

Mr. Bill Pratt told us to never go to bed mad at each other & to 
always hold hands when we pray. Those words of wisdom still hold true 
today for us.

We don't give extravagant gifts or take fancy trips. Our marriage 
stands strong through all the challenges & trials that have been 
thrown our way. Our life may not be what others look at as the perfect 
marriage but I cannot imagine it any better.

I have to share a daily occurrence of the sacrifices he makes for me. 
Yesterday he had promised he would let me take a nap. Naps in my life 
are an extravagant gift. The gift of time cannot be replaced or 
bought. Well Korky called & asked Mike to go play golf. Mike didn't 
hesitate to say he had promised me a nap today. I told him to go ahead 
& go play. He said no today is for you. Then he went & got lunch for 
us at Henderson.

I realize to most people that doesn't mean much but to me that's a 
sign of true love. He sacrificed something he truly loves & time he 
truly cherishes with his friend to do something for me.

If you were there 24 years ago & you are still with us thank you for 
walking this journey with us. If you joined us along the way thank you 
for celebrating this life with us.I only thought I knew what love was 24
years ago. Now I know!
I have attached a picture from 24 years ago to make ya'll smile. With us
are the most wonderful flower girl & ring bearer, Julie Howell & Raife Baker.

Love & much thankfulness!


Monday, August 09, 2010


YES that would be me yelling! We got to the orthopedic surgeons office & he started cutting Abe's cast off. GROSS!!!  As soon as it was off Abe roll on his side & smiled the biggest smile. I got to pick up my baby & carry him to xray. Yucky & all what a glorious moment. I thought I would be sick because I was terribly nervous about how the xray would look. I think you could hear us all sigh a huge relief when the xrays went up on the wall. What a wonderful day!!! God is so good! So thankful he carried us through this!
All I want to do was scrub Abe down. As if he knew my thoughts Dr. Meehan said now don't scrub this. He said in a few days all that dead skin would fall off. He said if we rubbed it would be like a sunburn. So thankful he told me that!
Abe loved soaking in the tub but not as much as stretching out. He didn't love any of that as much as I have loved snuggling & cuddling him.
We cannot thank ya'll enough for all the prayers to get us through this journey. I can honestly say I am so thankful it's behind us!
As a side note my email address has changed. It is now . Thanks so much!
Don't forget to go vote Tuesday! Have a wonderful week!
Love & thanks!