Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Marlee Anne - isms

I have been trying to find time to post about my sweet little girl. She has been such a huge help. She loves her brother dearly. She wants to touch him, kiss him and talk to him ALL the time. Even when he is asleep. She holds him while he is being tube fed, knows how to unhook it and it just a great help. She has even changed his diaper, which daddy hasn't done yet.

Well most of ya'll know how she is about being/acting older than her age. Some of the things she says just cracks me up. Other things she says just melts my heart. Each night I had to call her from Abe's beside so that she could talk to him. Every night she told him that people all over the world were praying for him and he would get to come home soon. One night she had a great revelation and told him that she knew what was wrong with him. If he would tell the doctor to fix that bone in his foot that isn't quite right that it would make him all better. That childlike faith amazes me. Well we are about to fix his feet and are praying he will be all better.

The other day we were lying in the bed and she said mom you want to milk him. If he wakes up she will say I think he wants to milk. I crack up everytime. She knows that I am breastfeeding him. For some reason she has always called it milking. So if you ever call and she says I can't come to the phone cause I am milking Abe you know what she means.

One day I was checking placement of his feeding tube. She wants to know everything that I am doing to him. She wants details. So I told her I was checking to make sure it was still in his belly so that the medicine and milk wasn't going some where it wasn't suppose to. She said yeah like in his foot. I explained to her like in his lungs but she just invisioned it possibly going in his foot.

The day of Abe's birth she was in the delivery room with us. The nurse had told her she could sit up behind my head on the table. She did but quickly said oh no I can't see. Well Dr. Rippy said come down here. She quickly jumped up and got right up next to him. Mike said well maybe not quite so close. She moved back a step. While waiting for Abe to make his appearance she was talking to the baby nurse while she was getting everything together for Abe. The nurse told Marlee Anne that she could help her give him a bath when he got there. Marlee Anne said what about his belly cord. The nurse said well that's ok we will be careful. Marlee Anne said it can't get wet you know. Once things got going Marlee Anne said oh mommie I can see his head. I told Marlee Anne she was such a great encourager. Then she said OOOOOHHHH mommie that's a lot of blood. I told her OK that's enough, no more play by play.

I know there are so many more Marlee Anne - isms I want to share but those are the ones that quickly came to mind. I will share more as they come to mind or as she comes up with them.

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Jennifer Kelly said...

Love these "ism's"!