Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Happy 30 years!

Happy 30 wonderful, crazy, tough, long, challenging, loving, laughing, God filled and prayerful years. Besides the day I gave my life to Christ and asked Jesus into my heart this is the single most important day in my life. Everyday I am reminded that God knows best. Each day hasn't been easy and it hasn't been a bed of roses all beautiful and perfect but I wouldn't trade these 30 years. Being married to this man has helped mold me into the person God intended for me to be. Still a lot of molding to be done but I know that as that happens my best friend, my rock will be by my side. What a loving, patient and caring provider he is for our family. Thankful that when I want to give up, am mad at God and want to walk away he gently reminds me of 1 Corinthians 13 in the way he lives his life and loves others. He has definitely fulfilled the "in sickness" part of our vows lately. Thanks Mike for spending 30 years married to me!

First Six Flags ride

My first ride ever at Six Flags was the Dahlonega Mine Train. One Saturday morning my daddy woke me up and said let's go. You see when my daddy said let's go I went, no questions asked because it was time riding in the truck with my daddy. I was sitting up high in the truck seeing the world and being treated like a princess. He surprised me with my first trip to Six Flags. That was the first ride and I remember the feeling well. I had no idea what it would be like but it didn't matter cause my daddy said let's do it and he was going to be with me. I miss him but I'm incredibly thankful for wonderful memories to cling to. Im thankful for the memory as well as the reminder that when my Heavenly Father says let's go I should go without hesitation because I know He is right there with me. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Leadville Marathon was brutal.

Mike ran the Leadville Marathon last year and wrote this. I wanted to make sure I had it somewhere to keep. 

The Leadville Marathon was brutal.
No doubt about it, I truly bit off more than I could handle, way more than I could handle. I will say in my defense I did not leave the course until the cutoff. With that said, I had a truly great time. Disappointed sure, but I had a great experience. The scenery was spectacular. Running past abandoned mines with their scree fields and down remote trails was amazing. This marathon was more than advertised, it was either straight up or straight down. What really was difficult for me was the trails were covered in baseball and softball sized rock- no pea gravel. Mentally draining, I don't know how many times I had to catch myself. The rocks were so tough that they blew out my jel- cell on my shoes. Sorry New Balance you are not tougher than Leadville.
Mosquito Pass was my breaking point. The highest point on the course 13,200'. By the time I got close to the summit I could not quit coughing to the point I could not take in air. I was struggling. I was hacking as if I had pneumonia. Forward progress was by baby steps. Every time I took a step with my left foot I said Abe and every time I took a step with my right foot I said Mary. Maybe that's what triggered a very kind woman to turn me around and help me to the aid station and a visit to the paramedics. By this time I had a headache as well. Everything checked out okay, except for my pride which we all know comes before the fall. The trail up Mosquito Pass is serious stuff. Marlee Anne and I have found out the hard way that one slip could be fatal on some of the "easy trails" we have hiked in Boulder. People were running up and down Mosquito Pass - crazy stuff. Super athletes. Another indicator of the remoteness of the race course was that  I had to hike down  2 1/2 miles to get a ride down off the mountain after my visit to the ambulance. So physically, I could not make it to the finish line and by the time I reached the next  aid station I had missed the cutoff time.I am wondering now if I could have finished even if I had all day and not the 8 1/2 hours allowed by the race. Prior to the race I logged 40 to 60 miles a week and it was still not enough training.I am a little disappointed that I didn't finish. I feel old. You know what,I am old. 
Anyway here is why I tried the Leadville Marathon. Since the events of last year I have struggled with having a quite time with no distractions to readjust my life without my little man and my sunshine. Work, moving to Colorado, lobbying for HB-1,local politics, work, commuting to Colorado, repainting the entire interior of the house, did I mention work. My life has been a blur.
Maybe that was good, maybe not. Our Pastor in Colorado several months ago had asked us to meditate on God for just ten minutes per day and I faithfully fulfilled that goal, however it never failed  that I could not make it ten minutes focusing on God without the world creeping into my thoughts. I am ashamed. I needed some true alone time to remember my children.Enter Leadville- I knew I would be without phone, Internet and out in the wilderness, but more importantly I would be under physical stress and my thoughts would be simple. Left foot- Abe, right foot - Mary, and so it went all 16.1 miles. A lot of tears were left on the trails of Leadville. A lot of great memories recalled and relived. In the end no medal, but I got more than my money's worth- Thank you Leadville.
Would I do it again. Absolutely Not! I would encourage anyone to try it once. I promise, you will not be disappointed.
Special thanks to James and Emily Mills for my great race jersey. So many positive compliments.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Loving our neighbors

I wrote this on Sunday and since then several things have happened to make me realize why I needed this reminder. 

Marlee Anne shared a really good devotion with us the other day about loving our neighbors. It has been on my heart for several days and I want to share some recent thoughts. 

I don't get out in public too often, at least not everyday. It's probably a good thing because it hurts to see how we treat each other. My view of the world is often through Facebook which may be a very sad thing. I don't watch the news and only read the paper when articles are brought to my attention. Yes sometimes I like to live in the world where things don't seem as bad or sad as they really are. I try to avoid negative post on Facebook where people are constantly complaining and/or bashing others. 

So all that rambling to say we never know the battle someone is dealing with. Did they just have a loved one die? Did they just lose their job? Were they diagnosed with cancer? Are they dealing with depression? Maybe a chronic illness or chronic pain? Do they wonder where their next meal will come from or how they will take care of their family? Does it really matter? I mean what if they aren't battling with anything? What if they are just grumpy? Why does the way someone acts towards us, the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their religious beliefs, the church they go to, their political stance, the way they dress, whether they have tattoos or not, the car they drive, the motorcycle they ride, the way they wear their hair, their job or financial status matter to the way we treat them? 

You know the person that ran into you? Maybe they don't see well. You know the girl that hollered in public or came a little too close for your comfort? Well maybe she doesn't know not to do that. You know the lady that you helped that didn't say thank you? Maybe she had a lot on her mind. If you needed or expected a thank you maybe you did it for the wrong reason. You know the cashier or attendant that didn't smile? Did you smile at them? Maybe if they just thought someone cared. You know that person that keeps coming to your mind but they grate on your nerves or hurt your feelings ten years ago? Maybe you should call them. Yes I know life is busy and we are all in a hurry but at the end of the day what matters? What matters most? 

Did you show love? Did you care? The person on the other end, on the other side, what will they say? Will they say wow what a nice person? Will their day be changed and made better because you took a second from your busy schedule to say hey or smile at them? How are you loving your neighbor? 

Side note: this was more for me as I'm out in public more and want to be reminded to show Jesus. 

Friday, May 06, 2016

Faith Struggle

This week I have struggled with my faith in ways I never have before. Someone asked me a question and asked me to think about it. As soon as I was asked the question it knocked me too my knees. Not in a good way where I was on my knees to pray but where I was floored. The life knocked out of me. Not only did I have no desire to read scripture but I had no desire to touch or open my bible. That's not a first for me but this time it was different. 

I don't believe the question was what did it or almost sent me over the edge. I think  it was a culmination of so many things in life. I recently had some biopsies that came back bad. I had to have the places cutout to get a clear margin. I've been in pain and I'm not good with pain. I have stitches that I'm waiting to have removed and hope that healing will continue and I will feel better soon. Marlee Anne turned 14 today. Sunday is Mother's Day. I don't think I have faced the fact that this will be my third Mother's Day without my mom and my second without Mary Elizabeth and Abe. It's not how life is supposed to be. Yes that's one of those things people say but this one for me is true. I'm not supposed to have to go through life's challenges without my mom. I'm certainly  not supposed to go through life without two of my children I had here with me. I know other daughters and moms do but I'm not supposed to. Neither are they. 

Maybe all this is just one of the grief stages I haven't hit. Maybe every Mother's Day will be this way. Maybe I'm getting it out of the way so I can enjoy Sunday. 

I know my thoughts are kinda discombobulated (thanks to my upgraded iPhone for the word hints) but I'm saying that to say one card. Just one note card made this week worth it. It made me stop and view how I have lived my life this week. Not very beautifully. One FaceTime with a cherished friend reminded me of how God places people in our lives at just the right time and gives us our hearts desire even at times when we are not sure what our desire is or what we need. Family and friends there to help out when they know I couldn't do it without them. 

I'm not sure why this off roading has taken place but I'm hoping I'm soon back on the right path. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Do it for Hawk!

Abe's wheelchair holds so many wonderful memories but no longer holds him. We were happy to give it to Hawk. It's been covered with so many prayers by so many over the years. Passing those prayers along with many more over to Hawk. Love he and his mommy dearly. #doitforhawk

8 years ago

I was preparing for the hospital 8 years ago today. I was to be induced the next day. I was nervous about what lied ahead of us but was so excited to meet my baby boy. A boy! Mom said they steal your heart. She said there is nothing like a baby boy. 

The day was spent making sure everything was in place. Everything packed, someone to keep Mary Elizabeth and Michala, all their meds in place and everything in order. Well as much as it could be. 

Marlee Anne was coming with us and she was so excited. I think she was more excited than anyone. All she talked about was her little brother. 

We knew he had clubfeet and already had things in place for that. He and I had been covered in prayer so we were ready to go. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

VNS replacement

Michala had her Vagal Nerve Stimulator replaced. It's so hard to let you child go into the arms of someone else and let them be put to sleep. Going to Egleston is such a hard thing for me now after that dreaded day we walked out without Mary Elizabeth a year ago. This was our second time back there since she passed away. We had the most wonderful day surgery nurse, Michelle. Her sweet, fun and caring personality put us all at ease. Our precious PICU nurse Claire was even in recovery with Michala. Love those reminders that God always goes before us to lay it all out. Thankful for a successful and uncomplicated surgery. We are home trying to keep her pain and nausea under control. Thanks for the prayers! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

As we were trying to decide what and when do to something to honor and remember Abe I wanted to release floating lanterns. My smart husband said well I am not sure we can do that in Colorado so I called the Fire Department to check. Sure enough once again Mike was right. A sweet friend said do whatever you want to do. Go somewhere Abe would enjoy or do something together he would like. However "we" weren't together. The other part of me was in Georgia. Thankfully we had a couple of friends over and we all went to Dave & Buster's. Marlee Anne said Abe would love that and all the stuffed animals. He did love him some stuffed animals. We did some surprises along the way for others and hope it blessed them. 

A dear friend wanted to bring balloons over and my first response was no. I just didn't think I was up to it. So thankful it worked out and we got to release some balloons. 

The rest of my night was filled with love, laughter and tears with a friend I have known for two short months but it seems like we have known each other our whole lives. I love when God's work is so evident in my life. 

Thankful for the virtual hugs I got from Georgia as my heart longed to be home with ya'll and among Abe's things. 

To My Baby Boy

A year ago when God called you home my life changed forever. That day I thought I would never smile or laugh again. Somedays it's hard to breathe and it's evident to me that it is God within me breathing. 

Someone said God needed you but your daddy reminds me God didn't need you because He doesn't need any of us but He wanted you just like He wants all of us. I am thankful as I struggle to function that He still wants me. 

My memories of you Abraham Thomas make me smile. There are times when there are tears but that's because I miss you so very much. 

You are missed. Because you touched so many lives in your six years here your memory goes on. I love to talk about you. Your daddy and especially your sissy are so very good about doing that. 

My precious boy I pray that you know I love you. I miss holding you at 2:00 AM while you had a seizure. I never understood that when my friend told me that but now I do. Because of you Abe I am a better person. I look at life so differently because of you. I know how to be more patient, I forgive more
easily and I love more. I rely on God more, my faith is stronger and I am working on giving myself more grace. Thank you for making me a better me. 

Saying thank you for blessing my life for six years seems so trivial but as I think of your life and how much love was packed into six years I am so grateful. Proof once again that God knows what He is doing.  

Please give your sister, your brother, Granmama, Ging, & Uncle Tommy a hug for me. Remind them that I love them and tell them I will see them soon. Enjoy your time with Jesus while getting our mansion ready. Your daddy is still taking good care of us and reminding us how the story ends. 

I love you sweet boy,