Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A perfect day in Iowa!

What makes a perfect day for you? Mine consist of spending time with my family, which I did a lot of today. Our original plan was to go to the Children's Museum which is in the mall. Today ended up being beautiful so we decided to wait and do the Children's Museum another time. That's really something the girls, Abe & I could do on our own after Mike leaves.

We decided to go to the outlet mall. On the way there we ran through McDonald's and I got SWEET TEA!!! WOOHOO!!! Who knew Mikey D's in Iowa would have sweet tea. It was actually pretty good too. There were about 3 stores that we hit while at the outlets.

Marlee Anne & I took a potty break and we have decided we should have a show like Jon & Kate plus 8. We have not decided on the name of it yet. While we were washing our hands we saw the automatic soap dispensers. I guess you have to find the little joys in life because she and I had a blast in the restroom laughing at the soap dispeners. I know this would be much funnier if you could have been there.

After the outlet we decided to drive 2 miles to Williamsburg. Well our directions were a little off and we ended up once again in the middle of corn fields. It seems that's easy to do in Iowa. We did see a beautiful red fox on the side of the road though. Also a beautiful old church. I had left my camera back at the house and hated that I didn't get pictures. On the way back to find Williamsburg we looked for the fox but he had run off.

We found Williamsburg and it was a beautiful old square with a really nice playground in the middle. Mike got out with Marlee Anne to play some while I stayed in the van with the girls and fed Abe. I had a nice conversation with my brother and got to share my excitement for the day with him. I thought I was a country girl but this is quite the country out here. Oh and for those of you in Covington, do you remember the Crest Motel? Well if you are wondering what happened to it it's in Iowa. It's up on the hill and it's really called the Crest Motel.

I wanted to run into Michaels on the way back to the house so I could pick up some paper. Downstairs at the house there is a box full of Stampin Up stamps for anyone to use. I just needed some paper for it. That will be a nice thing to enjoy downstairs while the girls play in the playroom.

Texas Roadhouse was right beside Michaels and had just opened so we decided to have a good meal before heading back to the house. It was PERFECT!!! The wait staff were mostly college students and understood us. Our waitress was an Iowa college student from Tennessee. She was so very nice. The best thing of all they have sweet tea. She could even relate to my excitement about it. She kept bringing us refills and even gave us rolls, butter and sweet tea to take back with us. I think this is going to have to be a weekly visit of ours. At least to get rolls and sweet tea. Our waitress and Marlee Anne really hit it off. She even gave Marlee Anne her name and phone number so that if we are here on Marlee Anne's birthday she can celebrate it with her at the Roadhouse.

We made a quick stop by Hobby Lobby for a skien of yarn instead of buying it at the expensive yarn shop. Then a stop at the grocery store for some much needed fruit. I was on the phone with my friend on the way back the house when Mike said there's a scrapbook store. I screamed and had to get off the phone. Just the smell of the stickers, brad and ribbon OH MY! To touch some beautiful paper was so therapeutic. I didn't even have to buy anything. I did get a couple of pieces of Iowa scrapbook paper. They even had an Iowa scrapbook that would be perfect for Abe's clubfoot journey to be scrapbooked in. I will wait until closer to the end of the trip to see about that though.

When we got back to the house Marlee Anne and Mike got in their daily game of ping pong while I fed the girls and Abe. Once they got back in the room they played Nerf basketball with Michala. It's going to be really tough when Sunday gets here but we are not talking about that now.

Thanks so much for sharing our perfect day, well my perfect day with us.

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The Crest Motel??? I wondered where that went!