Tuesday, July 28, 2015

As we were trying to decide what and when do to something to honor and remember Abe I wanted to release floating lanterns. My smart husband said well I am not sure we can do that in Colorado so I called the Fire Department to check. Sure enough once again Mike was right. A sweet friend said do whatever you want to do. Go somewhere Abe would enjoy or do something together he would like. However "we" weren't together. The other part of me was in Georgia. Thankfully we had a couple of friends over and we all went to Dave & Buster's. Marlee Anne said Abe would love that and all the stuffed animals. He did love him some stuffed animals. We did some surprises along the way for others and hope it blessed them. 

A dear friend wanted to bring balloons over and my first response was no. I just didn't think I was up to it. So thankful it worked out and we got to release some balloons. 

The rest of my night was filled with love, laughter and tears with a friend I have known for two short months but it seems like we have known each other our whole lives. I love when God's work is so evident in my life. 

Thankful for the virtual hugs I got from Georgia as my heart longed to be home with ya'll and among Abe's things. 

To My Baby Boy

A year ago when God called you home my life changed forever. That day I thought I would never smile or laugh again. Somedays it's hard to breathe and it's evident to me that it is God within me breathing. 

Someone said God needed you but your daddy reminds me God didn't need you because He doesn't need any of us but He wanted you just like He wants all of us. I am thankful as I struggle to function that He still wants me. 

My memories of you Abraham Thomas make me smile. There are times when there are tears but that's because I miss you so very much. 

You are missed. Because you touched so many lives in your six years here your memory goes on. I love to talk about you. Your daddy and especially your sissy are so very good about doing that. 

My precious boy I pray that you know I love you. I miss holding you at 2:00 AM while you had a seizure. I never understood that when my friend told me that but now I do. Because of you Abe I am a better person. I look at life so differently because of you. I know how to be more patient, I forgive more
easily and I love more. I rely on God more, my faith is stronger and I am working on giving myself more grace. Thank you for making me a better me. 

Saying thank you for blessing my life for six years seems so trivial but as I think of your life and how much love was packed into six years I am so grateful. Proof once again that God knows what He is doing.  

Please give your sister, your brother, Granmama, Ging, & Uncle Tommy a hug for me. Remind them that I love them and tell them I will see them soon. Enjoy your time with Jesus while getting our mansion ready. Your daddy is still taking good care of us and reminding us how the story ends. 

I love you sweet boy,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wrestling with God

Wrestling with God

This was the title of Sunday's sermon. As soon as I saw it I wanted to bolt out the door. Yes there are thousands of other people there but I knew this sermon was written for me. 

As Jim began talking about we are thankful for something and know it's right BUT..... I was there. I was sucked in going through every thought. 

Yes I know Abe isn't having seizures anymore BUT I want to hold him one more time even if it's while he is having a seizure. 
Yes I know he is running around playing BUT I want to run with him. 
Yes I know he is breathing on his own BUT just one more time I want to put that oxygen back in his nose and silence that monitor beeping. 

My list goes on and on but for ya'll I will stop there. Now the battle about my sweet baby girl. 

I know Mary Elizabeth is sitting at the feet of Jesus taking it all in BUT I want her here with me. Eight months ago just three months since Abe left us she was gone. God what could I have done different? How could I have saved her? What if (very dangerous words) I had taken her to the hospital sooner? What did I miss? Why did I miss it? 

I know our days are numbered. I believe the date was already chosen BUT I still blame myself. I still question. I still ask. I still wonder. 

I know we are in the right place right now for Michala BUT I miss being together as a family. 
I am thankful Michala is getting help BUT I wish more people had this medicine. 
I know getting her off pharmaceutical medications was the right thing to do BUT when she has a seizure I wonder will she have to have them again. 
I know she is doing so much better than before cannabis oil BUT what if (that dangerous word again) that changes. 

I know Mike is a big boy BUT I worry about his traveling and the stress of providing two homes for us is causing him. 
God has blessed us with wonderful friends here BUT I miss our family and friends in GA. 
We have a wonderful church here BUT I miss those Sunday morning hugs and that southern breakfast. 
We have a nice home BUT I miss the comforts of our home. 
We are not starving BUT I miss Henderson's and all the local southern food. 

I call it a war raging but I am definitely wrestling with God. I believe Him and trust Him and I am so thankful that He is ok with me wrestling with Him. When I tire from the wrestling I am thankful to know He will be there waiting to hold me, love me and continue to carry me. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Through the pain

In awe of God and this beautiful sky tonight. Today has been filled with searching to find understanding, peace and healing. Thankful for the constant of God even when I don't understand. Thankful for His comfort even through the pain and sadness. 

Seven months today - June 7, 2015

So many days spent at CHOA. So many of those days in the PICU. Not the way I dreamed it would go but all part of God's plan. We didn't get to attend the memorial service for the children that passed away in the PICU in 2014. Still she wasn't forgotten. They remembered her with this butterfly and sent it to us. So very thankful for the hospital staff and especially those PICU nurses that carried us through so many long days and nights. Especially on November 7, 2014. 

First week off seizure medications.

The week prior to starting cannabis oil Michala was on some very strong seizure medications that had horrible side effects. During that week she had 62 seizures that totaled 25 hours and 25 minutes. In addition to the seizure medications she also had rescue medicines to help interrupt or stop the seizure if it was too hard or lasting too long. During that week she had to have her rescue medication. The thing about those is when they stop the seizure they also knock her out. 

This is the first week Michala has been completely off pharmaceutical seizure medications. She has only had 10 seizures that lasted a total of 16 minutes. 

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Words from Mike

Since I am usually the one writing I wanted to share some of Mike's most recent words. Very thankful for the man he is. I am blessed to see God working in him. 

Yesterday my family and I went to see Pixar’s new movie “Inside Out.” Great movie. We all had fun. Michala laughed at all the appropriate times. I was blown away by her excitement. She made it through most of the movie until her afternoon nap time came and she went to sleep. Afterwards, she and I were out in the lobby waiting on Kelli and Marlee Anne. While waiting, we were approached by this woman and her children and this is what she said to me,” I am truly thankful that I live in a country where we have the freedom for everyone to participate in everyday life, however I am truly saddened by the fact that there were people who sat around me and said such disparaging things about your daughter and you as a parent for bringing her to the movie in the first place. Tears began to well up in her eyes and she could say no more. What did I say? What I have said for as long as I have been a parent. “That’s ok mam, I have seen the looks and have heard the whispers for over twenty- one years and I am thankful for every single day, every hour, every minute, and every single second, if those people knew how much “I have been loved by all my children,” they would have come to my house with a gun to take it from me. I really have been truly and wonderfully loved by our amazing children. There are no words. As always, most people only see the outside and not the inside. Did I get mad? No. There was no way that these people knew that Michala had endured cancer, lost her leg and almost her life, and that every day for fifteen straight years she had multiple seizures per day and that she had recently lost her brother and sister. The majority of people are not that perceptive. Sadly some people are only concerned about their self. What did pop into my mind was recent messages from our church in Colorado. Lately, I have been trying to memorize the Sermon on the Mount and so far I have completely memorized chapter six.Long way to go uh? My hopes are that God will etch on my heart, compassion, fairness and most of all a true love for others. The one thing the study has done is make me realize what a sinner I truly am. Over the years, and certainly when I was younger I have been guilty of the quick glance at people and making unfounded judgments about who and what they are. What did I know? How did I know what they have endured? We all have experienced life’s storms, and challenges. Haven’t we? As the saying goes,” Do not judge a person’s life until you have walked a mile in their shoes, or in Michala’s case shoe.” I realize how fortunate I am and that most people will never be loved as I have been loved, at least not until they are in the arms of Jesus. I am so grateful Lord that instead of allowing me to harbor anger you showed me that it is truly better to forgive and love those who do not know a life well lived when they see it. Michala you are a Daddy's Dream come true and I love you so very much. Matthew chapters 5, 6 & 7.