Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let it rain!

Sometimes I really dread the rain. Today I prayed that the rain would hold off until late tonight so that we could get to the book signing. The day was a quiet and relaxing day. Which was welcomed after the night. Abe was uncomfortable with his cast but today has been much better.

Marlee Anne taught Abe some new things today. He was awake and very happy for quite a while and she took advantage of it. She told him to stretch and raise his arms to make them strong. She told him he needed strong arms to open doors for people, pull chairs out for ladies and blow kisses to his mommie. You never know what she is going to come up with.

We all got ready and decided we would go to the book signing. It was at Barnes & Noble at the mall. We parked at B&N and walked through to the inside of the mall. We decided to eat at Chick-fil-a. I told Marlee Anne we needed to find a map so that we could find the food court. She said mom I know where it is. OK I am the one that has my name on my tag so that I can find my van. If I go in a store in the mall I do not remember which direction I was going when I come out. No joke! Here is my 5 year old showing me where to go in a mall she has only been in twice. Thankfully she has her daddy's sense of direction.

In just a few minutes we were at Chick-fil-a. The first thing Marlee Anne notice was the cow there. She immediately started talking about Mackenzie loving the cow. After getting our food a man in a tux offered to carry our food to the table. I looked at him and said WOW they don't do that in Georgia. He laughed and said well it's our 1 year anniversary. I said WHEW ok ya'll don't always do that. He said no. As soon as we were seated an employee came up and asked what she could get for us. She went and got us straws, napkins, ketchup, mayo & of course polynesian sauce. While we were eating the cow came to our table and Marlee Anne wanted to get her picture with him. Then of course Mary Elizabeth & Michala. Abe was sleeping so I talked her out of that picture. That was tough because she said but mom it's his first time ever seeing the Chick-fil-a cow and he may never get to see him again. LOL!!! When we finished eating the same employee from earlier came up and took our trash. Everyone got a free dessert so she went and got ours. I was VERY impressed with this Chick-fil-a.

We headed back to Barnes & Noble. The manager showed us where to go so we could get a spot to see. Marlee Anne was excited that Dr. Ponseti was there with his wife. As we were waiting for it to start, Maria, Dr. Ponseti's nurse came in and came over to sit with us. Michala really loves her. Michala always seems to find that special one to connect with no matter where we go. Maria is certainly very special. Dr. Ponseti's wife said that she would be brief as she spoke. She said that they had always traveled separately. One time he had a trip planned to Europe and she decided she would go with him. She said on that trip she realized she had a very smart husband that knew a lot about a lot of things. They continued to travel together. She said that she didn't want any - she paused here searching for the right word. Someone near her said royalties. She said yes royalties. All the proceeds of the book will go to find someone that will have the knowledge her husband has and his desire to find out more about club feet. I just continued to cry. They are an amazing couple. Dr. Ponseti spoke and said that he is probably the only mad whose wife had to write his biography. He said if he had the gift of writing like she does he would write hers. I hope her book tells how long they have been married. If not I will have to remember to ask at the next appt.

The room was packed and it was wonderful to see how he has touched so many lives. A very nice lady asked us if Mary Elizabeth was one of his precious patients. I told her no just the baby. She said he is a special man and we are proud to have him. People in Iowa City are all touched by him. Marlee Anne was anxious to have her picture made with him. The other day when we went to the hospital I wouldn't let her wear her Kansas City hat but tonight I forgot about it. So here he is in a suit and here is my beautiful daughter in her KC hat. I asked Dr. Ponseti's wife if she would hold Abe for a picture. She said I don't know how. I said have you forgotten. She said no I have never held a baby. It was such a precious and memorable experience. As I was taking pictures the photographers from the local newspaper was also taking pictures. Afterwards they asked questions and took down all the info. I guess we will see tomorrow if they made the paper.

As we got ready to leave Barnes & Noble I noticed the rain. Not a sprinkle but a down pour. On the way out a very nice couple held the doors open for us. She stopped us to ask how we were doing it and why. I explained to her what was going on. Several people tonight at the book signing asked why we were there and why we came out in that weather. I was so thrilled to meet more people from Iowa. I was very touched by there kindness. It's definitely a more laid back and slower pace than in Georgia I think. Very peaceful. Back to us leaving. We got out to the van and all loaded up without getting too terribly soaked.

We decided we needed a treat on the way back to the house. I stopped at Starbucks and Marlee Anne chose an ice cream. Dairy Queen it was. She ended up getting a Mister Misty, excuse me I mean an Artic Blast. She LOVED it!!! Michala had her ice cream at Chick-fil-a. Mary Elizabeth was just ready for her oatmeal and ready to stretch out.

Back at the house I pulled under the awning to get them out. A volunteer asked Marlee Anne if she wanted to walk in with her. As I was pushing Michala in they began talking. I was thinking oh my no telling what Marlee Anne is going to tell them. When I pushed Mary Elizabeth in she was sitting at the desk with two volunteers. She was of course doing all the talking. After getting Abe out of the van and getting back in she wanted to know if Mary Elizabeth & Michala were twins. I told her no 15 & 10. She asked something about a link between the girls diagnosis. I told her no and was about to begin to tell her more about it and Marlee Anne said mom I told them already. I looked at the volunteer and she told me some of what Marlee Anne told them. I was amazed that Marlee Anne knew as many medical terms as she does. I was thinking I might should apologize for anything she said that she shouldn't have but I think she stuck with the medical stuff. LOL!!!

Mail today included beautiful handmade cards and a birthday card for Mary Elizabeth.

Our day ended in a wonderful way. Oh yes the title of the post. Let it rain! A couple of ways you can look at the rain. My first thought when I saw the down pour was how am I going to get the girls out there and out of their wheelchairs without getting them and their wheelchairs soaked. That thought went away very quickly. Walking in the rain was actually very refreshing tonight. Even driving in it. It felt like it was a cleansing of my soul. I prayed that as the rain flowed it would take away my fears, my worries and all thoughts of things I have no control over. I only wanted peace left. I wanted to be left with this feeling of contentment that I have right now. It's my prayer that each one of you have a night/day filled with peace. Whatever your worry, whatever your fear, whatever your heartache, may the rains come, may you be left with God's peace. May you be filled with contentment.

Thank you to each one of you that said a prayer for us today. The prayers were felt. The rains have come and the peace is here. I have to head to bed now. Mike's friend is driving down from Wisconsin tomorrow. She is going to spend the weekend with us.

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