Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow 2010

What a great time in our 6" of snow that last about 24 hours. We all enjoyed it so much. We kept Mary Elizabeth & Abe inside in hopes of keeping their temps from dropping. The rest of us enjoyed sledding though. We took over 400 pictures. Here are just a few of our favorites. That night it snowed I walked outside late because it looked so bright. It was incredible how quiet & peaceful the world seemed. So beautiful!

Abe's 2nd birthday

What a celebration! I still cannot believe it has been 2 years. What a miracle our sweet little man is. We had a wonderful time at the Big Apple Circus. Thanks so much for everyone that came to celebrate with us. It was great to be with ya'll & our Camp Sunshine family on this special day.
Thanks to everyone for all the prayers & support over the past 2 years of Abe's life. We appreciate ya'll so very much!!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Heart ramblings

Today I am thankful to be feeling better & moving a little better. Hopefully with each day I will get back to myself. Hopefully soon! Thanks so much for the prayers & support!

My heart has been thinking, dreaming, & even grieving lately. Next Sunday our sweet baby boy turns 2. I immediately thank God for his life & these 2 years. There is definitely reason for him to be here because he could have slipped away so easily. Some people say wow can you believe it's been 2 years. Well yes actually I can. The past 2 years somedays feels like a lifetime of heartache & fear. Then on the other hand no it's just a blink of an eye & I cannot love him enough.

I am grieving the baby I thought for 9 months that I would be having. I am thinking of what would have been. I am dreaming of what he would be like.

For Abe's 2nd birthday we are going to the Big Apple Circus to support Camp Sunshine. He will be 2 and sitting in a wheelchair. A wheelchair?! That's not right! He may not even realize he is at the circus. He may have seizures that day. Why should that day be any different from all the others.

The only gifts I would like to give him for his birthday cannot be purchased. No amount of money can buy what I long for him. Not even the best doctors can heal him. God for whatever reason has chosen not to at this time. That for me is hard! That is so entirely selfish of me because I do believe God makes no mistakes. I believe that Abe is perfect. All the medications & medical equipment, breathing treatments & oxygen get to be too much sometimes. I am first & foremost his mommie. Then I am his caregiver. Today my mommie heart hurts & longs for more. Again that is truly selfish because he doesn't long for amything. His heart is pure & perfect & he knows he has all he needs.

I went through all this with Mary Elizabeth & Michala, well I actually still do on their birthdays. You would think I would be used to it. I so wanted to share this today & not next week so that I could get it out. So I could ask for your prayers. I want next Sunday to be a celebration of a beautiful life that God so perfectly blessed us with.

That's not to say I won't still wish that Abe was sitting up watching the circus, laughing & smiling. I wish to see those sweet feet walking & running. I long to hear him say mommie I love you. I will hold on to that hope.

I know some of you understand this all too well. For that I am so very sorry! I know some of you don't understand but care so much for us. Thank you for letting me ramble & share my heartfelt thoughts.