Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a peace!

Well since last night we have not had internet service. Just got it back and I am so glad. Yesterday our friends arrived around 1:30. Just to see them and have them here is such a peace.

Michala loves Shirley. She has been beating her up since she got here. Michala needs that one on one attention so much and has been getting it. Shirley said Mike paid Michala $5 to beat her like she is. She is just giving her lots of love pats.

Shirley's daughter, Ashlen came along with her. She has been such a huge help too. Marlee Anne loves playing with her. Ashlen loves babies so she has been great with Abe.

Yesterday it stopped raining so we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse. I have been wanting to go back there since we went there with Mike. We got there and there was a 2 hour wait. We went to the mall instead. That way everybody got to choose what they wanted to eat at the food court. We walked around for a little while and it was really nice to get out. I didn't even push one of the girls or carry Abe. I actually walked alone and drank my coffee. I am telling ya'll it's the little things that are really so very huge to me. I hate last night without feeding someone at the same time. The only time that happens is when we are at the Lighthouse.

It was 1:00 AM before we got in bed. Mary Elizabeth was up until 3:00, then Michala woke up at 4:00 having a seizure. Not an unusual night for us but it made that nap I got to take today that much more important to me.

We all got up and got ready for an early lunch. You guessed it the Texas Roadhouse. It was so very good! Once again I got to eat without feeding someone else. By the time we got finished the temperature had dropped considerably. We headed back to the house.

Shirley, Ashlen & Marlee Anne made suckers which were just delicious and beautiful! Marlee Anne was very proud. Then they got Abe and Michala and they all went down to the library to watch a movie. They popped some popcorn to enjoy with their movie. I think Mary Elizabeth and I were asleep before they left. Mike called and woke me up which was absolutely fine because I was waiting for him to call. It was nice to have time to talk to him without Marlee Anne and Michala wanting to talk to him too. I miss him so much and I am marking the days until he is back.

The four of them went down to eat tacos that the girl scouts brought. They brought me something up and dropped Michala off. Then they headed out for the mall. It will be a couple of days before we get to get out again so they were going to get Marlee Anne out on more time before they leave tomorrow.

Last night it started getting really cold in our room and we couldn't figure out why. Shirley asked and we are connected to the University heating system. They cut it off yesterday so we have no heat. Please pray that Mary Elizabeth & Abe don't get too cold without the hit. It's supposed to get down to 47 tonight.

We got two wonderful packages yesterday. Blue Plate mayo and YooHoos along with a much needed journal from some really special friends of mine. Also we got Focus t-shirts, bracelets and note holders. I don't think I have told ya'll about Marlee Anne's best friend sending her something all the time. She colored a picture and cut it into puzzle pieces. In the first envelope she sent one puzzle piece, a baggie and a note telling her that she would be sending her a puzzle piece and for her to keep the pieces in the bag until she could put the puzzle together. It was such a great idea. Marlee Anne can't wait to get the mail and see if she has gotten more mail from Mackenzie.

Today we got a CD with 6 sermons from our church along with the outlines. That was such a blessing to receive. I am anxious to get to listen to those. Mary Elizabeth got a birthday card and gift from her cousins too. She was excited for some mail with her name on it. We got a card from a dear couple we used to go to church with. Even though we know so many people are praying for us it's night to get the confirmation.

Last night they had their Relay for Life. We didn't find out about it in time to go. Today there was an Iowa football game so there was traffic every where around the house.

Thanks so much to everyone for supporting us on this journey. Thank you for your continued prayers!!!

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Chris Q said...

Hey, I'm glad the sermon CD came in! I'll make sure you get this week's too.