Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Please pray!

Ya'll please pray that Mike gets on the plane that is suppose to leave Atlanta at 9:00. Something was wrong with the plane that was suppose to leave at 7:40. I can't tell the girls or myself that he might not make it tonight.

This morning I woke up and waited and waited and the coffee never started. The week Brooke was here when I was up the coffee just started on it's on. LOL!!! It hasn't been doing that this week. I have had to make it myself.

We had a fun time this morning taking pictures with 4 other club foot babies. I will post those on the blog if I can't find a way to reduce them to email them.

Got every body bathed, washed clothes, took out the trash and tried to get ready for daddy to arrive. Other than that it was a very quite day.

When I was talking to my brother I told him I couldn't wait to go out to get something good to eat when Mike gets here. I told him we would probably take him to Iowa River Power Restaurant. He said well that will be better than Texas Roadhouse. It hit me that I hadn't told ya'll another reason we like that place so much. Iowa is not smoke free like Georgia. So we can't go in just any restaurant with the girls. I had taken that for granted at home. Texas Roadhouse is one of the few restaurants that's smoke free.

When ya'll are saying your prayers would you please lift Abe's little buddy Sam up in your prayers. Tomorrow at 1:30 he will be having a G-tube put in, banding for his reflux and his hernia repaired. We are praying that this will help his little body get stronger. We want him to come home soon. Our goal now is to both be home around mid May.

I am still learning so much about club foot, casting and all this stuff. Especially from the other mom's that have been through this before. It is called a tenotomy and not a tendonotomy. This whole time I have been calling it a tendonotomy. We still do not know when Abe's will be done. Also we don't know if they will do a local or sedate him.

Tomorrow Abe goes for his 6th casting. Please pray that it goes well and that he is not in too much pain. I hope that he is able to tolerate this set better than the last. We have been told that it gets harder on them towards the end. I just keep telling myself how much better it will be once it's done.

Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers!

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pandasmom said...

Sweet Kelli!
I admire you so much for what you are doing! I am so proud to be your friend. Know that you and your family are in my prayers daily, and I will keep you all there until you tell me to quit (even Mike too!!)
Love you all!!