Saturday, April 26, 2008


I am sitting up waiting on the official announcement about Relay. I hate so very bad that we missed it. We had fun calling and talking to everyone. I do know that John won Miss Relay. I have heard some wonderful stories about him too. Can't wait to talk to Greg Jackson about his run in with Shetarius in the parking lot. While I am waiting I thought I would send an update about yesterday.

When Maria took off Abe's cast his feet looked really good to me. When Dr. Ponseti saw them he saw a crease on the outside. This meant that he could not continue in the direction he was going. He would have to start pulling Abe's foot up. This was really hard because it caused Abe a good amount of pain. He said that he was hurting him but had to do that. It hurt my heart even though I know it has to be done and it's for his good. His knees had to be bent a lot this time to keep his cast from slipping.

We weighed him in between the cast and he had lost like a tenth of an oz. Still eating well, pooping and wetting his diapers. Happy and content. He is such a good baby so when he cried so much while they were casting I knew he was in pain.

I tell you one thing specific prayers really help. I sent that last email out later than I should have cause we really needed specific prayers and more of them. Each time before an appt I have prayed through each step of it including the perfect parking place. Well I rushed through the morning and my prayers. No perfect parking place. Actually rushed too. Then we had to wait longer than usual. Then he had such a hard time during casting. On a positive note we met two new families. They are local though. Well one from Iowa City and one from Chicago (kinda local) LOL!!! I know not really but what I mean is they were just there for the day not staying at RMH.

Well Brooke headed home this morning at 4. I am not looking forward to today when everyone finds out she is gone. We don't do change well. It has been such a blessing to have her here with us. It's going to be hard to adjust. Thankfully only 4 more days until daddy is here. Please pray for a safe flight home for Brooke.

Well I hope that everyone that got to go to Relay had a wonderful time. I hear that it was great fun. Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to make Relay happen. Victoria and the committee worked really hard. Thanks bunches!!! I missed ya'll! I know all the teams worked hard too. I am so very proud of Miles for Michala for caring it out and making it work so great while we were gone. Mike walked the survivor walk carrying a picture of Michala. He got to walk with Kylie like Michala does each year. Kylie thanks for walking with Mike! I love and miss you!!! I am so very proud of you!!!

As Relay was beginning we were down in the basement because of a tornado warning. Marlee Anne and Brooke were about to go to the store to pick up some things to get us through until Mike got here. I turned it on the weather just to check. Every time I turn the weather channel on Marlee Anne ask if there is a tornado. I told her no. As soon as I got the word out the siren went off. If you have never heard that before it's an experience. Nothing I have ever experienced at home. It's so very loud. Then you hear them telling you what's going on over the loud speaker. Not in the house or over the tv but just out of the sky. Really different. Well we get Mary Elizabeth & Michala in the wheelchairs and head down to the basement. I look at Marlee Anne and she has these big crocodile tears in her eyes. She is fighting so hard to keep from crying. She wanted to call her daddy. We didn't have to stay too long and we were back up in the room. It took her hours to get over it though. She continued to ask what if one comes when we are sleeping. Thankfully one didn't.

OK well Mike just called me. Our county raised about $288,000. I don't have the exact total. Miles for Michala won top Family & Friends team raising about $13,867. We also won Spirit of Relay award because Michala is in Iowa and our team still did Relay. I think that's why. I wasn't there and am just trying to understand it all. Uncle Papa won hardest worker or heart and soul. I am not sure which cause I keep getting different answers and I can't get anyone to call me back to confirm. Whichever it is he deserves it. I am really proud of everyone! Thanks to everyone that participated in Relay this year.

I do have a praise that I would like to share. One thing I have really prayed hard about and tried not to worry about was how God was going to provide for this part of our journey. Our insurance has still not approved Abe's treatment even though we have appealed it. We also found out that insurance does not consider club foot treatment medically necessary so they will not cover his bar, braces and shoes. Along with that we have to pay the RMH for our stay. Well last night Brooke came in and handed me a receipt. Mimi had given Brooke money to pay for a weeks stay for us here. That was a huge blessing for us. I know that every thing is going to work out. It's such a blessing to see God working. Thanks Mimi!

The sun is out here and looks really beautiful. However the winds are 30 miles an hour so I think we may have to skip River Fest today. We will have fun in the house though.

Thanks for continuing to lift us up in your prayers.

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