Friday, April 11, 2008

2nd casting starts

I cannot get this post to come out right but I do not have the time to redo it right now and I want to share these pictures.

This was the first step to the 2nd casting. We had to soak Abe's cast for 20 minutes to soften them. Then we had to wrap them in wet towels and cover those with plastic bags.

Abe's precious feet after the 1st set of cast.

This is the amazing Dr. Ponseti, 93 years old holding Abe.

Dr. Ponseti, his wonderful nurse Maria, and Abe.

One of my most favorite pictures. Dr. Ponseti's gifted hands holding Abe's feet. As he manipulates his foot into place he watches Abe's face to make sure he is not in pain. Such a very compassionate man. A true gift of God.

During the casting.


Jennifer Kelly said...

Wow, what a sweet, but brilliant doctor! God has HIS hands on the doctors that are "fixing" Abe's feet.

Disney Scrapper said...

I am so glad you all found each other. Isn't God amazing?

Anonymous said...

What a truly amazing man! God has gifted him in so many ways for him to be doing all this at 93. And He has gifted you with the chance to see such a treasure in action.