Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Abe's 4th casting

Yesterday we got Abe's cast soaked and wrapped. Brooke stayed with the girls while Abe and I went to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital we got to meet two other families being treated there. It's so nice to meet others going through the same thing. Maria cut his cast off carefully to save them for Mike. She is just so very sweet. In between casting we weighed Abe and he had lost 1 oz. We are thinking he is burning calories lifting those cast. We will weigh him again on Friday. I talked to the peditrician's office and they said do not supplement right now. So we will wait and see what happens on Friday. Waiting to see what Abe's Aunt Dr. Helen thinks too.

Once she got the cast off I was amazed at his feet. They are so very sweet. They were sweet before but every time I see them now I just keep picturing him running around on them. When the cast are taken off they go right back to the way they were but when you touch them they are easy to move where as before they were very stiff. There were a few doctors with Dr. Ponseti. He was trying to stretch Abe's feet but Abe was crying and very uncomfortable. He doesn't believe in hurting them so he asked me to put him in my lap. That helped a lot. One of the doctor's was stretching his feet wrong and as Dr. Ponseti corrected him he said you have to be very gentle because babies are like glass and they will break. He is just such a sweet and caring man. He said that he will have about 4 more cast.

It was Brooke's birthday and Mimi was treating us. Thanks Mimi! The Dr. told me of a couple of places to go but they were closed on Monday. We decided we would try the power company but I couldn't find it. I just do not know what happened to me. When Mike called last night he told me where it was. We may try that later in the week. We ended up back at our old faithful Texas Roadhouse. Once again it was great. Our waiter was Timmy and Michala fell in love. He was so very sweet and she kept flirting with him. I had to get a picture of them together so daddy could see. I will post the pictures on our blog. Marlee Anne also got pictures of Brooke on the saddle. Marlee Anne got a big kick out of that one.

I LOVE Dancing with the Stars and we watched it last night. We were watching it and talking to Mike at the same time. He wasn't watching it though. I thought it was neat when they showed Kristi's cast when she was little. Whatever Abe decides to do when he grows up I will never forget to be thankful for Dr. Ponseti for "fixin" his feet. Cindi reminded me this morning that once again we are making a memory.

One more week!!! WOOHOO!!! We can't wait for dad to come back. I knew it would be hard being away from him but this is making me sick. My heart hurts.

While Shirley was here she painted Michala's toes. Well she is so proud of that and keeps showing them off. Michala and Marlee Anne loved that extra attention they got while she and Ashlen was here. Mary Elizabeth, Abe & I are fine in the room but those two girls have to get out and roam the halls. They were so excited once Brooke got here too.

My sister sent me a package by Brooke with a beautiful key chain. It was made to auction off for Relay and my sister got it. It's a angel wing and has Michala's birthstone on it. It's so beautiful!

I got a beautiful cross in my pocket from a long time family friend along with a card of wonderful encouragement. I also received a beautiful handmade card from my friend in Canada. It's such a blessing to know that so many people are thinking of us and remembering us in their prayers.

Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers. It's has been storming this morning but it looks like the sun is trying to shine.

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