Monday, April 28, 2008

People in my life!

OK this email was originally started earlier in the night but I am just now getting back to it. So now less than 24 hours from now my sweetheart will be here. Yes I am excited! My brother called tonight and said I guess you are excited about Mike coming. Well you know there are just no words besides yes I am. I can't wait!!! I am not only excited to get a wonderful hug, but I am so very excited to see the girls' faces light up when they see him. So he is one person in my life.

I hope that this email makes sense. I was just trying to share how much the people in my life mean to me. I have an old dear friend that never fails to email a reply to whatever I have sent. It's a special kind of connection we have had for so many years. Others are there to email when time allows and again it always comes at the perfect time. Another friend is always there to call and check in with us. Even if I can't get the call the voice mails are nice to hear friendly, comforting voices. A dear friend that always sends a card or a note. Some that send encouraging words and prayers. So you see it takes them all, each and everyone of you to carry us through this journey.

My laugh for the night - lately Marlee Anne has really been wanting to see pictures of her as a baby. I have lots of pictures uploaded to different developing websites but I just cannot seem to find pictures of her as a little baby. Tonight she said mommie just type in baby pictures and see if they come up. She is so used to typing whatever she needs to find in google and it just comes up. She is too funny!

Speaking of my brother - ya'll don't have to send my emails to him. He is getting them first hand. Sometimes before ya'll, like tonight I have already shared most of the info with him before I send the email. Thanks for trying to keep him updated though.

Last night I had the opportunity to share with a couple from New York whose daughter is being treated by Dr. Ponseti. We have met before then, past in the hall, and spoken with each other but not had time to really talk. Last night dad had walked out of the room with little Josephine. She is such a beautiful baby BUT she has colic. Mom and dad are first time parents. Boy do I wish they had Aunt Debbie with them. Dad had her strapped on and he was trying to walk and bounce at the same time. Any one with a baby knows it takes a little while to get that down pat. I encouraged him and told him to keep practicing. It wouldn't take long to get the hang of it. I gave him my tips for helping with the colic. NOTHING works! Little help I was. They had every tip from everyone. So on my way back to the room dad was walking into the room and told mom I had some tips. She walked to the door an d he and I both started laughing. That's right no tips here. Well at least not anything different from what they have tried, which is everything under the sun. Dad started asking about the girls and how we do it. Well that just opened that door and ya'll know how I can share. It was nice to have that opportunity to share and also learn more about their family. We started discussing the insurance situation and mom said oh please do not get him started. He was very upset about insurance telling them it wasn't medically necessary.

One of the cutest things was Marlee Anne telling Abe about Disney. We were watching a show about Disney and she had to tell him about every character. All the rides that came on she had to explain how old he has to be to ride them. Rockin' Rollercoaster she said he could never ride. It's my favorite and I can't wait for him to get big enough to ride that. It's just that she doesn't want to ride it. Tower of Terror she said he probably wouldn't like it. Only because she didn't like it. It was really sweet watching her excitement as she shared all that with her. With each character and ride she had a memory of her Disney trips to share with him. I don't know who is more excited about his first trip to Disney, her, me or Abe's Disney family down at Disney. Maybe for his first birthday. Maybe he will take his first steps there like Lucas did.

We got to go down to the library yesterday to watch Water Horse. I can't tell you if it's a good movie or not because there we constantly people coming in to visit. I know that's why we got out yesterday. What a blessing to share with the other families. I have some pictures I will post on the blog. We got done with Water Horse and put in Lilo & Stitch 2 so the kids could enjoy it. At one time there were 4 of us mom's in there all with our little club foot kids. Rylan is Marlee Anne's little buddy. She is 7 months old. They are from Alabama. Rylan really took a liking to Mary Elizabeth and of course Mary Elizabeth loved the attention. She just laughed and laughed. Noah is 4 months old. He is from California. He is such a big boy. Makes me realize how small Abe is. Julian is from South America and is about 14 months old. All these precious children were treated at home and received bad treatment that has damaged their feet. Dr. Ponseti is trying to reverse the damage. One more reason to be thankful we found Dr. Ponseti before doing something else.

As we were talking I think we counted 8 children that are staying here that are club foot patients. Also some club foot info some of you may find interesting, most girls only have one club foot and it's usually their left. Most boys have both with their left being worse than the right. That's the case here at the house except that Abe's right foot seems to be worse.

Being able to spend time with the other families helped to make the day go by faster. Today Marlee Anne said is it 5 o'clock. I said no it's 2. She said oh man. It's even a long day for her. It's dark, cloudy and very windy today. We needed diapers. It was the one thing I forgot to put on the list to get before Brooke left. I also needed some medicine. I have a rash or something. I have broken out all over. Called the dermatologist and they said to go to Urgent Care. That will have to wait until Mike gets here. So if ya'll could add that to ya'll's long list of prayers for us. It's really starting to bother me bad! I have been battling it for a couple of weeks and it's getting a lot worse, so now it's time I ask for prayer please. A very wonderful volunteer went and got the diapers and medicine for me.

This morning we had a package and when Jill brought it to our room she said some very nice people called and paid towards part of your rent. Amazing! I continue to be amazed by people's kindness and support. The package was from one of Michala's Aicardi sisters. Lots of thought went into that package. Marlee Anne got a tin with her name on it filled with cookies and a doodle pro. They is a toy too that is perfect for Mary Elizabeth, Michala and Abe. They have all been enjoying the lights and music today. Craft kits for us to spend lots of time on. Two perfect picture frames. Wonderful outfits for Abe that will be perfect with his braces. There was also a beautiful BELIEVE windchime. Marlee Anne's favorite were the handmade bracelets made especially for her, her sisters and Abe.

After breakfast Jill called and they had found another package for us. It was a fun package filled with cowboy stuff from Carter's birthday party that we had to miss. Abe got the cutest cowboy toy and Mary Elizabeth got the cowgirl to match. However just like we figured Michala has tried to take them both away from them. The girls all got cowboy hats, sheriffs badges and bandanas. I got some wonderful pjs.

I am overwhelmed with the love and support people have shown us. One thing that I have been reminded of during this is that whenever God is guiding you to contact someone whether it's a phone call, letter, email, gift, do it! Ya'll do not know how much all that has meant to us. It's all perfect timing too. Whenever we need it it comes our way. Today I was catching up on email and read so many emails that I needed today. It's so nice to hear from ya'll and know what's going on with ya'll, keeping us connected. One email included an Aicardi mom telling me she had called and added to our rent here. WOW! We are so very blessed! I am reminded that even though God didn't promise us this would be easy he promised he would never leave us. I am reminded that He is still right here with us when I see Him through each of you. Thank you!!!

Dr. Ponseti is supposedly featured in this week's Time magazine- about the 100 most influential people. It's the May 5th issue. If anyone receives that would you please save it for me. I would love to have it. It's not on newstands yet.

Today while I was feeding Abe, Marlee Anne told him only one more day and daddy would be here. I know ya'll must be getting tired of hearing my longing for Mike to be here. Next week ya'll will have to listen to me saying someone PLEASE take him back home. LOL!!! I am so blessed to have a husband whose children love him. They miss him as much as I do and that's so wonderful to know. I hate that they have to miss him but I love the fact that they love him that much.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day and has a peaceful night. Tonight it is supposed to be 25 degrees here. We are bundled up well. Thank you so much for your continued love, support and especially your prayers.

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