Saturday, October 18, 2008

We're home!

We had to take Abe to Egleston ER yesterday. A couple of his doctors were concerned about him still running a fever and having so many seizures. I walked into the very crowded ER with him. They took us right back to the trauma room (because he was having a seizure) and got him hooked up. They gave him motrin pretty quick and that seemed to calm him down some. Well that and the wonderful nurse rubbing his belly. Oh and since this email is quickly becoming a God thing and how he went ahead and put people where they needed to be I have to share about the nurse typing his info. She also works up on the 5th floor - neuro, knows Dr. Holt and was familiar with Vigabatrin. That was a blessing. Everything was pretty much the same since his last visit except for the new meds we had added.

They wanted to get an IV to run antibiotics. We warned them he was a hard stick. They wanted to get blood for labs and we told him he was stingy with his blood. The first nurse looked and looked and looked. She finally said his head would be the best spot but she would be glad to get someone else to look. We said yes because we would like to save his head as the last resort. He has some really good veins there that they use most of the time and we don't want to wear them out. The second nurse came in and used the light. She found one right away. They got the blood out of that sight and I must say a good amount fairly quick. Abe did good! He was making us look like liars but that was ok with us. She found another spot really quick and got the IV in.

They got the xray done. So now we just had to wait for results. I headed down to the cafeteria to get some delicious food. There was nothing so I opted for a grilled ham & cheese from the grill. Thankfully my guy was there cooking so my sandwich was actually very good. When I got back Mike went. We were laughing in the room at our wonderfully expensive Friday night date.

Around 9:30 they came to tell us they needed another CBC. Thankfully they took it from his foot, which he hated worse than the blood draw or the IV. I was just glad he didn't have to have another needle stick. His feet are still so tender. About 10 they came in with the results. Blood work looked great! Oh and they tested him for RSV which was negative!!! YEAH!!! His chest xray report said no remarkable changes. It did say that the top right and lower left look to be collasped and recovering from something.

They were going to run the rochephin and his IV was very positional. After about 4 tries she said I really hate to have to give him a shot. I hated that too cause his poor legs are so bad from the shots he gets every night. I finally held him and got him where I could hold his arm to get the med to go in. It ran over 30 minutes and we were headed home. A night that was definitely blessed by God and one that left us with a peace knowing his pneumonia wasn't getting worse.

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