Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Abe update

I hope that I never take a smile for granted. This weekend we caught a couple of smiles from Abe. I had kind of blocked out this time with Michala. I just remembered it being bad. It was really a hard time. Now those memories are coming back as we struggle with Abe's seizures. I remember saying I HATE seizures. I hate them so very bad. I feel so incredibly helpless. I thought that the Orapred was working. I think it may still be working but something is just not right. I hate not being able to say what it is but I just don't know.

Tomorrow Abe has a follow up appt with urology from his surgery. That will be at Meridian Mark. Then it's off across town to Egleston to see neurology. I am looking forward to sitting down face to face and them seeing Abe too. Please pray for direction. It would be wonderful if it would be clear direction but I will settle for direction even if it's a little muddy.

I have attached a smile picture along with a picture of Abe in his new camos that Marlee Anne picked out for him. While you are praying would you please pray for safe travels for Mike, Abe & I to Atlanta. Also please pray for the girls, Granny, Granmama & Aunt Debbie while we are gone.

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