Saturday, October 25, 2008

My sweet baby boy!!!

All I can say is thank goodness for digital. If not I would be in so much trouble for taking so many pictures. I am going to send a few and will post more on our blog when I have a chance.

Yesterday Mike took Michala and Marlee Anne to Jackson's birthday party. We had all planned to go and as much as I needed and wanted to go be with all them I knew I needed to keep Abe home. So I took pictures instead.

The infantile spasms are not going to win this battle. They are trying hard but when I see this precious smile from Abe I know that he will keep fighting back. The pictures of him with the sunglasses are from the goody bag he got from Jackson's party. Marlee Anne came home and put them right on him. Not sure why she chose purple cause those were supposed to be Michala's. Abe has blue ones.


Disney Scrapper said...

Seeing his smile is the best way to end my day!

PoohsPal said...

Too cute Kelli!!! You have such an amazing attitude! Preyers for Abe and your whole family!

-Scarper Carrie