Sunday, October 05, 2008

Specific prayers!

Several of you have asked about specific prayer request so here goes. Tomorrow morning we will be started Abe on Vigabatrin. The post office wouldn't leave it on Saturday because we weren't home so we have to go pick it up tomorrow. Please pray that this medicine will work. As Abe's infantile spasms started he stopped doing things he was doing. He is slowly started to roll again, smile, laugh and babble. We want those things back. He has also lost a good bit of muscle strength. He didn't have a ton of it to begin with now it's worse. Please pray that once his infantile spasms are better controlled all that will come back. Head control is one specific prayer request of ours. We would love for Abe to someday be able to sit up and walk. So for now we will accept and prayer for smaller things. Seizure control, muscle strength, head control, smiles, and laughs. Thanks so much for praying with us!!!

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