Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Praise!!!

Ya'll have been with us praying us through this phase of Abe's life so I wanted to share a praise with ya'll. Today he opened his eyes. Mom said he smiled for her but I haven't seen one of those smiles. I am holding out for later tonight or tomorrow. He rolled over and nursed for a little bit. This is huge for us because he has gone from not being able to move at all on his own, not opening his eyes or responding in any way. We know he has a long way to go and we have a long road ahead of us with ups and downs and highs and lows. He is still having quite a few seizures but for today we are praising God for this wonderful blessing. I was reminded today of how much I take for granted and how much those little things mean. I told the neurologist that I am ready for my baby back. I think he is heading slowly in the right direction. Thanks so much for your prayers!

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Kathy said...

Hey Kelli,
The kids and i pray for you guys several times everyday (the kids ask the blessings at meal times and never forget "Baby Abe" and his family....even Mikayla who is only 2yrs)). when i read your post i told them our Prayers are working let's keep them going....they were sooo excited for you and especially Abe. Mikayla just clapped and squealed right along with the older ones...they say they are Abe's prayer partners..... I LOVE when they can actually see God working....He is AMAZING!
Love ya,
Kathy and Crew