Monday, October 20, 2008

Things that make us laugh

OK ya'll have to understand it's been a long weekend. Not all of you will think this is funny but some of you will totally relate. I have always said that everyone has trials and tribulations, ours are just different than most of our friends. You see Mary Elizabeth is a teenager with different stuggles than the teenagers of our friends. Still they have struggles and different challenges too. They are just dealing with the typical teenage stuff.

Well this morning the phone rings and the guy wants to speak to Mr. or Mrs. Hopkins. This is Mrs. Hopkins. Hi Mrs. Hopkins, your teenager (no name) has expressed interest in the SAT study program that we have to offer and I would love to go over that with you. You know you can just tell the tone of a telemarketer. So I had to laugh out loud. I feel sorry for the guy cause I know I caught him off guard. I said no my teenager did not express interest in the SAT study program because she is handicapped and functions at about a 6 month old level. He was very quite for a second and then said oh I am sorry. I am still laughing over this one. Just had to share for those of you that can see the comedy in this one.

Yes I could have gotten all down and upset thinking oh I wish she was taking the SAT. You know what, each day I realize more and more that God made Mary Elizabeth perfect. She is the closest person I know to that of what God wants and expects of us. She never ask for anything. She will never hurt you or let you down in any way. She loves unconditionally. She wakes up in the morning knowing without a doubt that she will be taken care of. Complete trust without question. WOW if I could be that way! No cares in the world. She goes to bed at night with no fear or worries knowing no matter what God is with her. Oh and she is great at keeping secrets! Ya'll hope! Those of you that tell her your secrets are gonna be shocked one day when she starts talking. LOL!!! No she would probably still never tell.

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