Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another praise!!!

I KNOW I can't believe it either another praise. WOOHOO!!! I had sent Dr. Ponseti pictures of Abe's precious feet for him to see what he thought. He replied saying they look very well corrected. He can now be in his shoes for 16 hours. Yes that means he can be out of them for 8 hours a day. I can't believe it. I even emailed Dr. Ponseti back to make sure I read it right. He said yes since we have been consistant about keeping him in them for 23 hours away this whole time he can now go to 16 hours a day. I am so very thrilled and thankful for the knowledge and gift that God has given Dr. Ponseti. Once again we are blessed!

We had a wonderful day today! Mike took Marlee Anne to see the snake guy at the fair grounds. She LOVED it!!! She has been talking about it since she got back.

Thanks for sharing our blessings with us and for your continued prayers.

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Me said...

How old is your son? My son also has bcf, and he is going to get the brace in a week (right now in casts). Do you have any tips from your experience? Is Dr. Ponsetti the doc who treated him?

Positive thoughts your way for your son's health.