Sunday, October 05, 2008

Our weekend

Friday night I got to celebrate my friend's 40th birthday at her surprise party. I was nervous about leaving everyone that long but thanks to the support of some really good friends I made it. It was so good to get out and fellowship with friends.

Saturday we were up and out early to meet our friends to go to the mountains. It was such a beautiful day. Even though Abe had so many seizures throughout the day it was nice being out and enjoying God's beauty. We don't listen to the radio while we are riding. Usually we are all talking and pointing out the different things we see. I love to hear Marlee Anne's excited expressions as her daddy points out something special. It might be a bird, a horse, a tree, wild flowers or the first time we go over a hill and you can see the mountains spread out in front of us. Michala LOVES riding. She loves being out and going places. She laughs and laughs as we ride along. That is until she is ready for something to eat. And buddy did you she eat. LOL!!! Mary Elizabeth is a home body like her grandmama. She would have been happy to stay at home all day. I have to admit that the thought did cross my mind to stay at home with she and Abe. I was so exhausted from long days and nights with Abe's seizures. I was thinking a day curled up in the bed with Mary Elizabeth and Abe all day sounded really good. I am glad that I went though. Mary Elizabeth seemed glad she went too.

We stopped at Chick-fil-a for breakfast. Mike had eaten at 6:00 that morning so he just wanted sweet tea. He really wanted to go to Mayfield Dairy and have ice cream but not everyone was game for that. We went straight to Dahlonega from there. We were excited to go the Hoschton and see all the scarecrows. They are trying to break the world's record. It was really neat to see.

When we went by Road Atlanta it was packed cause they were having the Le Mans. We didn't know that but the traffic wasn't that bad. It was neat to see the cars racing.

As we drove into Dahlonega Mike was telling Marlee Anne about the dome being real gold. We always think of Spence and Danisa when we go there. I always think of their town of Cullman when we drive through Winder. So Danisa ya'll were on our minds a lot on Saturday. Dahlonega is such a nice town. We parked and got everyone out and walked around. We went to the visitors center to find a place to mine for gem stones because the place we usually go to was closed. The people around the town are just so very nice. Lots of them stopped and spoke to Mary Elizabeth & Michala. You don't see that very often. Most times people walk as far away as they can or they think they might catch something. So it was nice to be welcomed by their town. I picked up a neat little surprise at the visitor center to send to a friend of mine. Typing this so I will remember that I got it and remember to send it. We stopped by the fudge shop before heading back to the van. For those of you keeping up with the food on our trip here goes - chocolate covered oreo cookie, chocolate covered pretzels, divinity for Mike (not as good as Mrs. Maddox's though), and a chocolate covered orange peel (YUCK!!!). Oh yes and a sample of apple fudge. A little on the weird side but not terrible.

So we go 2.5 miles to the ???? I don't have the brochure in front of me to get the name of the place. You can pay $7.50 for a wagon ride, petting zoo, pan for gold & mine for gems. The girls just wanted to mine for gems so they got big buckets and had a blast. There was no ramp to get the girls wheelchairs down there so they let us drive around to the back. It's things like that that help to make life grand. They were super nice. The girls got lots of beautiful stones. Well gems as Marlee Anne keeps reminding me. She had a bag full. I say had because she immediately started thinking who she was giving them to. Maybe she will end up with a few for herself.

As we were heading to Amicalola Falls everyone was ready for lunch. Chick-fil-a again. Marlee Anne & I decided we would skip lunch. We just couldn't stomach Chick-fil-a twice in one day or at least not back to back like that. Michala on the other hand was ready to eat AGAIN. She ate a whole chicken salad sandwhich before we got to the falls. God had gone ahead of us and picked the perfect parking place. The guys took the girls hiking up the falls while Tracy and I stayed with the other two girls and Abe. It got hot in the van so we got out and sat beside the fishing area. Again people were so very nice. Several of them walking dogs stopped to let the girls see the dogs. A sweet little girl very curious about the girls and their wheelchairs spent lots of time talking with us. Her mother was very nice to let me share with her about the girls. After over 1,000 steps they were back. I will never be allowed to forget how many steps they took. Marlee Anne has remind me and everyone several times. She had a blast. So did Mike. He is planning a return trip there soon so if anyone wants to tag along with he and Marlee Anne please holler.

Next it was our annual - well this whole trip is kinda annual for us. Next it was Burt's Pumpkin Patch. I think of Miss House everytime I go here. One year they had been and got the cutest t-shirts. Mom saw them and had to have one. That's how we started going there. We had fun and got our annual picture taken there. I always think back to the wonderful watercolor picture Rich did for us of our picture taken there. We got some wonderful boiled peanuts there before we left.

Hillcrest Apple Orchard was next. We started going there way back when with Camp Sunshine. We love it there. Reminds me of Mac, Rachel, Kylie and Noah. We met them the first time there. They were so very nice to help us with the girls wheelchairs on and off the wagon. A friendship that has blossomed through the years. I get so excited about the wonderful treats they have there. Lee & Tracy took the girls to do all the fun stuff while Mike and I sat with the other two girls and Abe out front. Marlee Anne got to be a pig jokey and call the pig. She just grins when you talk about it. She did tell me today she had a little stage fright since she had to get in front of people and talk. Well this is when we did some eating. While they were doing all that Mike and I both had some wonderful corn on the cob. Michala had ice cream and she ate over half of the most delicious apple fritter. I had a cup of cherry apple cider. I always bring Tamela some back but we didn't head straight home so it had to stay there. Sorry about that!!! We brought home a few apple treats too.

We stopped near Lake Lanier to eat at Chili's. It was really good. Michala drank 4 - 8 oz bottles of tea. She loves to drink from a bottle. That's another story with pictures that I forgot to tell. Will remember that for later. Well we had a great waitress so I asked her for some coasters. She brought me out a hand full of them. Those of you that are into altering know how that made my night.

After that we headed home and got everyone settled in.

Today we had a fish fry at my niece's house. Marlee Anne casually walked up and said look mommie. She had a lizard in her hand that she had caught. That girl!!! Marlee Anne was staying there to spend the night. She was so excited. I started crying right after we pulled out of the driveway. Got home and got busy with the girls and Abe's meds and was ok. I am sure she is having a blast.

I hope that everyone's weekend was filled with blessings and memories that make you smile.

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