Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our monster is 11!

Michala celebrated her monster party with her family. Marlee Anne insisted on it being a surprise. You can see the surprised look on her face. She was very excited. She was 11 years old. My mom told me about 3 times throughout the day she didn't know why I kept having them birthday parties. It wasn't until the 3rd time that I finally told her I didn't do it for other people I did it to celebrate their lives and all they have been through. She got real quite for a minute and said oh how wonderful, I have never thought of it that way. She said you should put that on your blog. Tell everyone I asked about it. So now you know why I continue to have birthday parties for my girls even if it does add a little more stress around here. LOL!!!

I have to share some pictures. One I got so tickled with was how big she thought she was sitting with all the big kids.

This sweet little girl has endured far more than her share. You can ask her oncologist even today and he will tell you he is very surprised she is still with us and survived her cancer. We are blessed! We are so thankful for the 11 wonderful years we have had with her. We are looking forward to the next monster years with her.

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Incoherently Lucid said...

Happy Birthday to You Michala! Give her a kiss, Kelli! Of course you will celebrate your children's birthdays, they are beautiful gifts from God that change the lives of anyone who meet them, Michala is no exception to that. I love you guys,