Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Abe's check up

Well Abe's check up today was supposed to be just that. You know filled with all that fun baby stuff. He couldn't even get shots because of his seizures. When will I learn? It's never that easy. I think it would not have hit me as hard if I had had some rest these past few nights. Abe's seizures are worse. He has stopped smiling, laughing, rolling over, cooing and nursing once again. Monday night we tried Ativan and even with that his seizure lasted an hour and a half. Last night we had to give him Diastat (rectal valium) twice. After the first time he woke up and spent some fun time with daddy. The second time he had about 30 minutes that he was awake before the seizures started all over again.

We get to the peditrician's office today and I put him on the scales. Tara (his nurse) and I both start to cry. He weighed 12.6. WOOHOO!!! That's wonderful. Next thing is his temp. No biggie right. Well usually not but he had a fever. I never knew it. Dr. Patonay checks him and he is crackling in his right lung. She is worried and does blood work right there. Sure enough his white count is up. Off to Egleston we go for a chest xray. We get home and Dr. Patonay calls to tell us he has pneumonia in his upper right lung and lower left lung. She is concerned that the upper right is from aspirating because of all the seizures. She started him on an antibiotic and I have called the GI doc to get a swallow study done.

Please lift us up in prayer. Abe's precious little body specifically but the rest of us too because the stress is getting heavy. Just a break in between all this crap (don't tell my mama I said that) just to be able to catch our breaths and regroup.

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ktzrothzen said...

Hi Kelli,
My name is Tera and I have a child who has fortunately recovered from IS. Zack was dx at 6 months after being on phenobarbital since his birth in March of 2006...lack of oxygen and brain damage. He wasn't supposed to walk, talk, etc. Anyway..just wanted to let you know that I found your website through the IS website and wanted to check out another IS blogger. We started one for Zack as well...feel free to check it out if you get a minute. I am praying for Abe and his precious little body tonight. Hugs to you.

Mommy to Zackary (HIE dx at birth, IS dx at 6 months)