Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yes the tooth fairy came!

This morning Marlee Anne brought me her pillow with this confused look on her face. Last night she put her tooth and a picture she had made for the tooth fairy in her pillow case. She didn't want to lose the tooth. She asked the tooth fairy to take the picture but please leave her tooth. The tooth fairy took the picture, left the tooth but didn't leave any money. She left a note instead.

The note said Marlee Anne, someone very special came to your house today. When you find him you will find your surprise.

Well she looked and looked every where. Finally she saw him. Sitting on the mantle was Boxie, our Christmas Elf. He had come to celebrate the big day of Marlee Anne losing her first tooth. She was so excited. He had tons of money she said. She counted 10 - $1 bills. Just what she asked for. She immediately started handing out her money. One to Abe, Michala, sister (Mary Elizabeth), & me. Then she put Mike's over to the side to give to him when he came home. I went through the spill just like always. This is money just for you. No mom I want to share it. I asked her how many that left for her. She said well 5 but I am giving 3 to the park. That girl! I tell you her heart is huge! I am blessed!

In just a little while the phone rang and someone had a delivery for Marlee Anne. She was so excited. She wondered what it was. Soon they guy was there. When we opened the door we both gasped. It was beautiful! The pictures don't do it justice at all. It's a fresh fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements.

She was so excited cause she loves fruit. I read the card except the part of who it was from. I asked her who she thought it was from. Sure enough she guessed right on the first try. Aunt Kim and her crew had sent this beautiful arrangement. I have to say it's as delicious as it is beautiful. If you ever need fresh fruit shipped this is the way to go

The Aunt Kelly, Madison & Ty came over. I think Marlee Anne thought they came cause she had lost a tooth. LOL!!! Madison was sweet enough to play a game with her.

Oh and by the way - the tooth fairy that original wanted to leave $2 left a $20 bill this morning. Marlee Anne would not have been pleased with 1 dollar no matter what number was on it. I searched the house and found 10 ones.

PS. Kelly I am pulling myself up by my boot straps. Determing not to let Satan win this one. Thanks so much to all of ya'll for your prayers! Please continue cause I know it's what gets us through each day. I love to hear the laughter in our house. It's not as frequent with the stress is trying to take over.

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