Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Abe's appt

What a glorious feeling to have a GREAT appt. It gets so tiring to go to so many appts but when we have one that turns out so great it's wonderful. Thank ya'll so much for your prayers.

First off NO I didn't go by mysefl this time. Mike and I took Abe. The girls stayed with granny and granmama. I guess I should have asked prayers for them. The girls and the grandmothers. LOL!!! They all did fine. We did have to call in Aunt Debbie for back up.

We saw Megan, Dr. Parks' nurse practioner. We really like her. Abe had gained weight from his last appt. He even had his cast on at the last appt. He has grown length wise too. She was pleased with his growth and said she would like to wait and see about his g-tube. At least until we go back in three months.

No blood work had to be done so that was a huge blessing and stress reliever. She is going to work on rewriting two of his meds so that we will hopefully not have to pay the $300 for his CoQ10. That can be an added prayer request if ya'll have room for just one more.

After his appt we went next door to the hospital to check on Abe's buddy Sam. They ended up taken him back for surgery later than they planned. He had just gown back right before we got there. We got to visit with Mike and Shannon some so that was nice. They got to snuggle and love on Abe. Abe loved it as much as they did. Please keep Sam and his mommy and daddy in your prayers too!

Thanks again for all your prayers!!!

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Audra said...

Hey, checking on you and sending prayers. I miss you and should really call you this weekend or something! Give the girls a hug from me and pinch Abe's little cheeks. :)
love and hugs,