Saturday, September 13, 2008

My happy boy!

Mike and I have always said that we would try our best to make sure our home was a happy one. That our children would always know they are loved. I think these pictures say it all. I am so thankful for another happy baby.


Lisa said...

What a smile. What a giggle! That is so precious. Dear Sweet Father, please heal your child of his earthly illness. We are all here for a short while. You are our true Father, you "loan" us out to our earthly parents. Mike and Kelli are the best earthly parents that you will ever see. You know that so well because of your special children that have entrusted to them. No one could love them more or care for them more than Mike and Kelli. They need a little break. Please heal Abe of his earthly illness. Allow them to really take such pleasure in his laughs and giggles. He is a little Hoot!!! Thank you LOrd inh advance for your wonders and grace!


Jennifer Kelly said...

LOVE it!