Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Marlee Anne's surprise

Marlee Anne got a special package in the mail a little while back. She got an autograph copy of Secret Life of Bees. It was autographed by Dakota Fanning who will be playing Lily in the upcoming movie. Here is Marlee Anne showing off her book.


Jess said...

Wow... how cool is that!
How did Dakota hear about Marlee Anne?
I've heard of that book, but don't know much about it. But, I just love Dakota and pray she remains as sweet and down-to-earth as she's been through all the crazy Hollywood life.

Kelli said...

Jess, Dakota is a friend of ours. She keeps in touch and sends the girls pictures and things. We have been very excited about this movie so she sent Marlee Anne the book. Thanks for your prayers for her!