Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My precious boy!

Marlee Anne wanted me to post Abe's pictures from his EEG on our blog so everyone could see how precious he is.

Yesterday his EEG confirmed that he is having hypsarrhythmia. This is basically electrical currents charging through his brain. I think the word Dr. Holt used was messy. The hypsarrhythmia is what is causing his infantile spasms.

Sometimes the cause is never discovered. They are going to go back and look at Abe's records from the NICU and see if maybe something was overlooked or in case some further testing needs to be done. His EEG was clear in the NICU so we have evidence that lots has changed just not sure what or how much.

I know all this is confusing. It's confusing for me to. This could be related to whatever else is possibly going on with him. This could be something completely unrelated to the panhypopituatarism and/or suspected mitochondrial disease (this is what Mary Elizabeth has). Mary Elizabeth never had infantile spasms. Michala was the one that had infantile spasms.

So this is just another step in our journey another chapter in our book. I hope this clears it up a little bit. Ya'll are allowed to ask questions! LOL!!! Thanks to those you that have cause I didn't realize I wasn't clear about the confirmation of the infantile spasms. I didn't proof it, it was late and my mind had nothing to do with that last email. Again I hope this helps a little. Maybe now it's as clear as mud.


Jennifer Kelly said...

I agree with Marlee Anne....he is precious!

Disney Scrapper said...

Ok, Aunt Cyndi could have soo done without seeing the one of him crying!

Mike said...


I also have a child with Infantile Spasms and wanted to make you aware of our forum at www.infantilespasms.com/forum