Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Abe's GI appt

Thank ya'll so much for your prayers!!! Abe's appt with Dr. Schoen - GI went wonderful! LOVE LOVE LOVE the doctor!!! She took so much time with us going through everything step by step. She is going to talk with Abe's doctors to see what there thoughts are on adding calories. She doesn't want to add to much because of his suspected Mitochondrial disease. She said adding too many calories and too much wait would make it harder on him. I was just so pleased with the time she took working through everything with us. She compared him to himself on the growth chart and not to others or where the chart says he could be. I was pleased with that. She said that she is hoping he can continue to do well with out the g (feeding) tube. She told us what to watch for. She did remind us that they are times when children with infantile spasms that aren't controlled well have to have them. For now we are just waiting to hear back from her after she talks to his doctors and the nutritionist.

We started his morning dose of Topomax today. We are praying that this does the trick and helps with his seizures.

Thanks again for your prayers!!!

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