Monday, September 22, 2008

The adventure continues

I am not sure this will be as funny as it is to me but I want to share it mainly so that I will keep this memory. I am terrible about Mike telling me something the night before and not remembering it until later on in the day. What this means is I am NOT a morning person and do not function well before I am up and going. Would like a cup of coffee to start the day too if possible.

Well someone knocks on the door early this morning. Abe and Michala are up but thankfully the other two are still sleeping. At least they were before the knock on the door. I see Roger at the door and it hits me oh yeah Mike told me about that last night.

Let me back track a minute. With our last two water bills we had more water usage on there than we could ever be capable of having so Mike knew we had a leak. He had been trying to find and couldn't. He decided to call in reinforcements. Yes that would be Roger and of course Andy the day before.

So Roger tells me they will have to cut the water off and for me to draw up as much water as I will need. OK no problem. I got as much as I thought I would need and then some. Enough? NOPE! Thankfully his wife brought some gallons of water over.

Well Marlee Anne is so excited to get out there and dig in the dirt with them. I didn't know that the night before she had told Andy how to do his job. I made sure to remind her that these guys really know what they are doing, not to get in there way and all that stuff. It seems to be going good and she is really enjoying herself. I go out to get her to come in and eat lunch. I am late getting this written done and now I have forgotten her exact words. She did ask if that was ok if she took a break. They told her to go ahead and get some lunch and they would meet her back out there. She was eating lunch and look out and they were eating on the back of their truck. I could see that look in her eyes. She said mom I am done. I said ok but you can't go out until they get done with lunch. I could see it now, her talking non stop during their lunch.

They get back to work and it wasn't long before she came running in saying they found the leaks. Not one but two. She was so proud to have "helped" find them. It didn't seem long after that she came running to tell me it was fixed.

When I got outside to thank Roger they both had stories to tell. They had been finding worms. Marlee Annne's new love. She even made a worm box the other night with dad. They were wrapping things up and Marlee Anne announced to all of the guys that she had a blast.

We went inside and she couldn't stop telling me all about. She said that was the greatest day ever. There is usually not a day that goes by in her life that she doesn't say that. I really hope that continues. She decided to go back and to talk to them while they were getting everything ready to go. When she came back in Roger had paid her $5. She was so excited. I told her to make sure she put that up. She said I am going to put half towards my Ipod and half to the park.

The story with the Ipod. Mike got a free Ipod for opening up and account. She was so excited. He of course said he would give it to her but I told him no because he is really enjoying it. I have been trying to convince him all these years that he would love it. Kim even told him several times but oh no. He really does like it so now Marlee Anne really wants one. She is saving her money for that now. I love for her to have a goal and feel the reward of it once she has saved enough and can buy it.

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Jess said...

I LOVE her attitude!
If only I could say at the end of every day that it was the "Best day Ever!" :)