Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My shopping trip

Most of ya'll know I don't get out much. Well Abe had a really bad day today with his seizures. He was still fussing tonight. He needed Tylenol so Mike suggested I go and take Abe. You know to see if it settles him down. I said ok.

Well as we were getting ready to go the phone rang. It was the alarm out at the office going off so Mike had to go out there. Once he got back home we still decided to go.

It was just Abe and I and he fell asleep as soon as the van started moving. I put him in the buggy and we were shopping. We weren't really in any hurry so we just took our time going up and down whichever rows we wanted.

OK now remember I don't get out much. I honestly do not know the last time I walked the isles of the grocery store. I was oohing and aahing over all kinds of stuff. I was really having a great time, very relaxing and Abe was sleeping away.

I get done shopping and go up to check out. 20 or less items in the one lane. Nope we couldn't go there. So I opt for self checkout. I don't think those things are meant for more than 20 items either. I start checking out and quickly my bags we filling up. I thought I was supposed to take the bags off the scales. I am stratigically placing items on top of each other so I can stack more and it won't fall.

I look up at the girl working that area and there she stands with two other girls. All three of them are staring at me or rather staring at what I am doing and my mountain of stuff. I ask her can I start putting this in my cart. She says sure. See what I mean, I do not think self checkout is designed for this much stuff.

Well I opened the door there for this girl to come chat with me. You have to remember I am still not over being mad at the world, I have been dealing with a crying baby all day and I just wanted to get out to be by myself, kinda. She comes over and we have a really nice conversation.

Just then it hits me what I forgot. Any ideas? Yes you guessed it Abe's tylenol. Once I am finished checking out we run over and get some. Check out through a line this time. How dumb is that. When I need to go through the line I choose self check out. When I need self check out I go through the line. Again I don't get out much! I leave there feeling really good.

I get everything unloaded and in the van. Go to get Abe out and there sits the empty bottle of water I picked up and drank as I walked through the store. I totally forgot to pay for it. So I go right back in and pay for it. The same girl is there and says thanks so much for coming back in. She said I can't believe you came in to pay for a bottle of water.

Back to the van and off we go. Run through Sonic for a cherry limeaid treat and then we are home. I get everything unloaded and put away only to find out a little while ago I forgot to put my dippin' dots up. I put them in the freezer any way. Maybe they won't be so bad.

I hope this gave ya'll some laughs. It made us laugh. God's perfect timing once again to bring me laughter.

I will post about the tooth fairy tomorrow. I can't post it without posting the pictures too.

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