Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mackenzie and Manu

I am not sure I have ever seen a friendship love as strong as the bond that Marlee Anne and her best friend Mackenzie share. They cannot come outside without Marlee Anne wanting to run down and see her. I have a hard time with this cause I know Marlee Anne loves her so but I also know they need to be able to go outside and enjoy family time without Marlee Anne running down there. Here are some pictures from the other night when we walked down to play. As soon as Mackenzie saw Marlee Anne she hollered Manu Manu - hug me. Ever since she could talk she has called Marlee Anne Manu. We love it!!!

These are pictures from Mackenzie baby sister's nursery. I cut the letters for Torianna's name out of green vinyl. Kendra made the beautiful curtains. I have been bragging on Mackenzie's talented grandmother Sally. Well here are some beautiful things she has made for the baby including her signature doll she makes. Yes she made the carseat cover and the diaper stacker. LOVE THEM!!!

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