Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A trip to Kalona

That last email about Sam's fundraiser were sent out to a couple of list that should not have gotten them. I sent it out using my Iowa update emails so that's why it went out to those list. I am sorry if you didn't receive the pictures in that email. I think they didn't go through to some people.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here. Someone from the hospital had told us to visit the town of Kalona. I am so very glad we had the chance to do that. Marlee Anne & I went in the General Store. It reminded me of Harpers. The only thing it was missing from that store was penny candy.

We had a late lunch at The Fireside Grill. We had meatloaf and mashed potatoes. It was so good! I was so ready for some real food and that hit the spot. They had homemade potato chips too that we had to try. For dessert we had creme brulee that was delicious. Our waitress was so very nice. One of those God things. You know when God sends you that little reminder that you need. Well she was asking the girls ages and was telling us about her 4 children. They had just bought the restaurant in February. Her husband is the chef. She also runs a pregnancy crisis center in Iowa City. I said WOW how do you do it. She said well when it's annointed by God you do it. She said well you know. As the tears started to flow I thought yes I do know. I needed the reminder right then though. The waitress that brought our creme brulee out asked where we were from. Mike said New York. She started laughing and said I am from New York and that's not a New York accent you have. When we told her we we re from Georgia she said oh do you eat boiled peanuts. She said she loves them but cannot find anyone to send her green peanuts. We told her we would be glad to send her some so she gave us her address.

We saw a couple of Amish with their horse and buggy. We went down a little further to their little store. It was so neat to see all the stuff they have there. The lights and fans were so neat too since they do not use electricity. There were lots of horse and buggys in front of the store for people to take rides.

Next we stopped by the Cheese House. We got to see them making cheese curds. You could sample the cheese curds, along with all kinds of cheeses. It was a really neat experience. Marlee Anne loved the cheese curds so Mike bought her some. There were people in there buying tons and tons of cheese curds. Grammy, Sandy or anyone from this area, can you please tell me what they are going to do with all those cheese curds? I am assuming something more than just eating them as is. Also we bought some ladyfinger popcorn. Besides the size is there anything different about it? We saw it several different places.

We rode around some before coming back to the house. There are bike racks all over the place. So many people ride bikes around here. The side walks are wide and perfect for the bikes. Even McDonald's has a bike rack.

Last night when we got back we said our see you laters to Rylann and her mom Amy in case we were up when they left. We did get to see them this morning before they left. We have plans to stop by Birmingham to see them next time we take Michala to Huntsville. We are really going to miss them but so thankful it's time for them to go home.

I got to talk to the mom from Connecticut some more last night. I got to meet her big boy Thomas last night too. I cannot wait to get a picture of he and Abe together. The difference is amazing. Thomas is 9 weeks old but looks like a 5 month old. It's really sad though because he had casting and a tenodomy done at home. It was messed up very bad so they are here for Dr. Ponseti to fix it. Once again I am reminded how blessed we are.

Marlee Anne got a wonderful birthday package last night. It was filled with Happy Birthday ribbon, party horns (which I know everyone in the house is so thankful for), birthday cake, candles, sprinkles, & cookies. Leave it to Aunt Kim to send a party in a box. It really is the neatest thing.

We also got a really special package from our dear friends. I am scared to try to list everything cause I am sure to leave something out. Mary Elizabeth got the most wonderful blanket, Abe a toy, Michala a light toy, Marlee Anne a sticker book, which she keeps reminding me has over 350 stickers in it, I got a digital photo key chain. I have always wanted one of those.

Today is Marlee Anne's 6th birthday. She, Michala and Mike have gone out for their walk. I am supposed to be getting Mary Elizabeth, Abe & I ready for our day out. I wanted to email ya'll real quick so I wouldn't get behind. I have pictures to add to the blog but I will have to do that later. I gotta run now.

Thanks for your prayers!!!

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