Sunday, May 18, 2008

6 weeks

I knew what the title of this email was going to be. As I started to type I thought I could begin I can't believe we have been here...., if anyone had told me we were going to be here...... or we made it. I always think my attitude plays a huge part on me and on our day as a family. So here I am trying to think positive and say wow we have made it 6 weeks. Today we saw Trace Atkins video You're gonna miss this. As I listened I thought I really am going to miss this. Once we are home Mike will be back to work full time. Even though he has been working while he was out here with us we still had him with us. When we get home there will be other things to be added to our daily routine instead of family time. I am thankful for the 6 weeks we have had together. I am thankful for what we have seen and learned. Only a few more days.

We were blessed by some friends and a local church home with some gifts cards. We were trying to save some so that we could have some celebration meals once we got back home. Today we thought we would celebrate how far we have come in this journey and how wonderful Abe's feet are doing. We went to Red Lobster and really enjoyed it. Mary Elizabeth hasn't been out in a few days and she let the world know that she was out. I was trying to take care of her and looked at Mike and busted out laughing. With one hand he was feeding Michala and with the other hand he was rocking Abe's seat. It was all a comical sight.

Next we decided to walk around the mall just to pass some time. It wasn't too crowded and we had a nice time getting out and walking.

Back at the house the Interact club fixed pizza. Mike and Marlee Anne went out for their daily walk while I got the other's baths and settled down. HA!!! That so didn't work. Michala is still going wild. When Marlee Anne & I walked downstairs this evening we met Lucas and his mom. Lucas is a 8 month old little boy with club feet. He had his shoes and brace on. He will be going to see Dr. Ponseti tomorrow for his check up. He had treatment at home in Florida. After being told that Lucas would never walk mom brought him here. He is doing great now. Another blessing in our day. The mom took lots of time to share their experience with me. I thanked her for sharing with me. She said no thank you for allowing me to share this.

Today was a little better with Abe's fussiness. Friday and Saturday were rough because he was in so much pain. Mike & Marlee Anne went out to the grocery store on Friday because we had bought just enough to get us through that day. When we found out we had to stay longer we needed more oatmeal, milk, potatoes, green beans and of course yogurt. All the necessities for us. Saturday Michala had enough and had to get out. Mike & Marlee Anne took her out for awhile.

I am always amazed at how God gives us a mixture of people in our lives. I think sometimes it's easy to miss those he sends our way to help us through the day, like Lucas and his mom. When I sent that email on Friday I received a few emails back. One very uplifting, one very umderstanding, one including a daily devotion and even a kick in the hiney one. God knew I needed all of those along with a few others. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to email me. Thanks especially to all of you that took the time to pray. I think I will make it until Wednesday. Just please pray that they will be able to do his tenotomy on Wednesday and that he will not be in too much pain until then.

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