Monday, May 19, 2008

Thankful for grace

I was reminded today that we have made it 6 weeks. Not that we have been here that long but we have made. Those 6 weeks have been filled with precious memories that no one can ever take from us. I struggle and worry about what the future holds and was reminded today to stop and enjoy each moment we have together. Thankful once again for this precious family God has blessed us with.

Still struggling because my patience are wearing, I am tired and I long for home. I want a nice long bath in my bath tub. I am a relaxing bath person and for 6 LONG weeks I have been taking showers, bathing the girls in the shower (not an easy feat). So I am ready for home. Soon very soon!

I have a sweet Disney friend that often takes the time to call and ask for specific prayer request. When she called today I asked her to pray for patience. Once again she told me no. She will not pray for patience. She did say she would pray for grace for me. Boy am I ever so thankful for that grace!

Probably finishing last minute packing in hopes of coming home soon so I may not send out an email. In case I don't, please pray that Abe's precious feet are ready for his tenotomy on Wednesday and we have a safe trip home. Thanks so much!!!

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