Friday, May 02, 2008

Abe's 7th casting

As I drove to the hospital today my thoughts went back to the house with Mike taking care of our precious girls. I often stop to thank God for such a loving, patient and supportive husband not to mention the amazing daddy that he is. I truly know that I am not the easiest person to live with. Wednesday when I came back from Abe's casting Mike had straightened up the entire room. Everything has to have a place for him. Not me of course. My thoughts are on getting through the day and as long as I know where things are I am good. We are so incredibly night and day it's unreal. It seems to work for us though. Still he puts up with a lot and as I drove to the hospital I once again thanked God for knowing that this is the man I needed in my life. This was the man that would not walk out when the going got tough. Most days there are tough spots in our day, whether it's Mary Elizabeth stopping breathing, Michala having a seizure, Marlee Anne needed a little extra attention and us not having enough time for that, or me crying when I have to give Abe a shot. Still through all that, inspite of all that, there is more love than I could ever have imagined. I am so very blessed. This part of our journey could not have happened without Mike's support and him believing that I could do this.

I had to look back at the calendar just now when I was typing Abe's 7th casting. I cannot believe it has been that many. Dr. Ponseti got more of a stretch but he said his feet are so very stiff. It was a good thing we changed the cast because he had gotten sores on his little feet. We will recast on Wednesday May 7th. We are hoping for his tenotomy to be done on May 12th or 16th. That could all change with each casting. It's just a wait and see game right now to see how his feet do. Thanks so much for your prayers! He gained an ounce today. I was so very excited about that. Hopefully he is adjusting to this casting thing and will continue to gain.

We had some time in between his castings so I got to talk with Dr. Ponseti's secretary. I always enjoy talking with her. She had told me the other day how she got her job with Dr. Ponseti. The doctor she worked for retired and they asked if she would like to work for Dr. Ponseti. She was close to retirement and they told her Dr. Ponseti wouldn't be working too much longer. When she started working for him he would not use a dicta-phone so she had to take shorthand. Today she still follows him to each patient and takes shorthand.

Today we started talking about places for us to visit. She was talking about their farm. I asked what they grew. They grow corn and soybeans. I asked her how big the farm was. She said well it's our retirement farm and it's only 62 acres. There previous farm was 200 acres. They also had a dairy with 92 cows. She and one of the volunteers told us about a couple of really neat towns we hope to explore soon.

Guiseppe and his family left today. Sometimes I truly hate having the heart I have. The one that gets so attached to people. They were such a sweet and loving family and it's hard to see them go. They gave us a stuffed Minnie Mouse and a CD with pictures they had taken while they were here. Georgia is doing fine now. They did a scan. I am assuming a CT scan and they found no damage. The bump on her head was very large and was causing lots of pain. They think that's why she was throwing up. Thanks so much for your prayers.

After the casting Mike and Marlee Anne went to town for a little while. They found strawberry carnation instant breakfast. We had been looking for it while we have been here but couldn't find it. It's what Mary Elizabeth drinks in her milk. We were thinking we were going to have to get it shipped.

An incredibly giving lady made quilts for all the children at the Ronald McDonald House. Marlee Anne picked out a Disney one for Abe, but then we realized it was backed with flower print. Instead she chose a bright and colorful one that's perfect for him. I am very touched by all caring people here.

Marlee Anne, Abe & I went to the library to watch a movie with Amy & Rylan tonight. Mike, Mary Elizabeth & Michala chilled out. Mike said Mary Elizabeth was stretching getting ready to beat Ronald McDonald in the run. Today Carson asked if we would speak after the race about what the Ronald McDonald House means to us. Thanks to everyone who has sponsored us for the race and made donations. Here is the website in case anyone else wants to sponsor us .

OK after Abe gets his last meds tonight I am heading to bed I hope to get ready for the run tomorrow. Everyone have a great weekend!

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