Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Abe's 9th casting

Well things went good at Abe's 9th casting. He was very uncomfortable but I kept telling him and myself that it was best for him. I cannot imagine having this done by anyone but Dr. Ponseti and his gentle hands and caring spirit. Dr. Ponseti he is almost sure but not certain that they will do the tenodomy on Friday. That means we will be driving to Georgia on Saturday!!! Did you catch that excitement in my voice? Mike told Abe he had spent more of his life in Iowa than Georgia. We have to ask Grammy if that makes him an Iowaian.

We are so very thankful for this state, the Ronald McDonald House and especially Dr. Ponseti, Maria & Joyce. However, we are so very ready to come home. We just found out that it is possibly the water that we are allergic to. Possibly something in the water. Michala has been drinking bottled water, juice or tea until recently when Mike gave her some tap water. She broke out and we weren't sure what it was. Then when I gave it to her again she did the same thing. Not sure if that's what is happening with me or not. Hopefully we will be home soon and it won't matter. When we first drove around and saw the beautiful rich soil here Mike said that's how they grow such good corn. Well I will gladly swap this rich soil for my wonderful red Georgia clay.

We drove to the Quad Cities after Abe's casting. It was a beautiful day to be out. It was amazing to see how big the Mississippi River is. We stopped a couple places along the ride. One of those places was as you have probably already guessed from the previous picture I emailed, the John Deere Pavillon. We did it mainly in honor of Danisa. Marlee Anne LOVED it!!! She is just too funny! They had to sport their new caps for a picture. We stopped the beautiful waterfront to take pictures. We had to be careful not to get run over by all the bikers. They really go fast around those curves. The ducks were out in full force and tried to attack us after we ran out of food to share with them. One really neat touch was metal leaves on the curb. I took lots of pictures and will post some on our blog.

When we got back Mary Elizabeth was having some respiratory issues and Michala was coughing. Today they seem better. Please pray that we get back home before anyone gets too sick.

Tonight a really sweet group of ladies brought supper for us. They made pork chops, green bean casserole and real mashed potatoes. It was huge for me because they were real mashed potatoes. So real that when I saw them I cried. Partly because I am so tired and so ready for this part of our journey to be over, partly because I was so excited to have real comfort food.

While I was downstairs I got to meet 3 new families. One has a 4 year old little boy that had a club foot. They are from California and he still comes here for his follow ups. John was all over the place playing. It was such a blessing to see how well he has done. Another mom from Quad Cities was here with her 4 month old little boy. Chance will be going in tomorrow for stomach surgery. The third mom was a precious lady who has 5 children. They are from Wyoming and just moved to Iowa. She was here with two of her sons. Her 14 month old was born with glaucoma. Noah is having his 4th eye surgery tomorrow. Once again God in His perfect timing brings others for us to minister to along with using them as a reminder that we are truly blessed. It's so easy when I am tired to get down and see our daily challenges. It takes God to lift me up and allow me to see the blessings. Please lift these families up in your prayers.

Marlee Anne and I made some thank you treats for the staff and volunteers here. We needed to borrow the stapler to attach the tags we made. When we walked into the office we were surprised with a package. I have always said there are certain people that should have a never ending thank you note. Well the women's group of Stewart Baptist Church are some of those people. They sent another package to us filled with all kinds of treats. What we don't eat before we leave will be great snacks for the car. However, the girls have already started on it so there may not be much left.

OK I think that's it for now. Thanks so much for staying with us through this journey. Hopefully it's coming to an end.

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