Thursday, May 08, 2008

I can't believe she is 6

Well I have started this email three times. Marlee Anne's birthday was good. She got to plan it and did a really good job. We went to the mall food court to eat. She said that way everyone would get to eat whatever they wanted. Then we went to the Children's Museum. She was so excited about going and it was everything that she thought it was going to be I guess because she is ready to go back. She loved all the phone calls she got, along with the emails. Thanks so much for helping make her day special.

Yesterday Abe had his 8th set of cast put on. It was hard on him. He cried a good bit which he very rarely does. Dr. Ponseti really stretched his foot a lot. Especially the right one. You can see in the pictures how turned it is. Dr. Ponseti said about 3 more cast. So we are planning on his tenodomy to be on the 16th. Hopefully heading home on the 17th. The same on his weight, no loss but no gain either. I tried to supplement with some formula but he spit it all up. I am concerned with him losing his meds by doing that. I will call Dr. Parks when he gets back in town on Monday. Please keep us in your prayers concerning this. It is really bothering me and I am not sure what to do for him. He is so happy and content with me nursing him. Wetting his diapers and pooping - tmi. I am just praying that he is not gaining because of the cast and all that will get better once we are done with this.

7th cast

8th cast - that's the bottom of his foot facing up on his right foot.

After his casting we went to the Amana Colonies. Several people had suggested this to us. We were really glad we went. It's a nice little place to visit with all kinds of shops. We had lunch there and then walked down the street to some of the shops. We stop at the Kid's Toy Shop, The Chocolate Haus, The Bakery and The Woolin Shop. It was really a neat experience for us.

Today Mike and Marlee Anne have gone to the indoor water park in Amana. Marlee Anne was so excited she couldn't hardly sleep last night. I am sure she will have stories to tell when they get back.

Well my little man is calling me. I better run!

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