Friday, May 30, 2008


Well Cyndi wanted to know how it feels to be home. I have so many mixed emotions about that. In Iowa things were a slower pace, which I know realize I loved. We had three rooms to take care of. Only three rooms for anyone to wonder off too. Wonderful because I loved being right there with all of them. Except of course when Mike, Michala and Marlee Anne got cabin fever which was quite often. Even though they went out for a little while they were back before long. Mike didn't leave for work and that was nice even though he worked while in the room with us. There was always people around. Other families and the volunteers. I miss having other people coming around. I have to say having meals brought into the house every now and then was really nice too. We were spoiled with some of Miss Emmy's Chicken & Dumplins' though when we got home and some of Uncle Papa's good cooking. Having doctors appts to go too has hit me a little harder than I expected. In Iowa it was just the club feet to deal with and not all the other stuff with Abe. Now all the other stuff is hitting me kinda hard.

That's one of the reason I have not been emailing or updating the blog. I get overwhelmed by life and it's easier or seems easier to keep it all in. Even though I know that I should be sharing all this. Also life tends to be a little more time consuming lately.

I do have to say that when we first came home from Egleston I was very overwhelmed with Abe's meds. I didn't know how I would fit all that into our day. The other morning I was drawing up meds and thought wow I just did that without thinking. That was nice. I say that to say I am sure all this will become second nature like the rest of our lives. It may take some rearranging to get these extra puzzle pieces to fit but eventually we will see the big puzzle God is creating.


Chris Q said...

Of course, it's good to have you back in town!

Jennifer Kelly said...

Praying for you always and keeping you in my thoughts daily!
Love you lots!

Aunty Helen said...

I am so glad you are home. If you happen to be at Egleston before 6/14, stop by with Abe and the girls. I would love to see you. Give Abe kisses for me. I am praying for you all.

Disney Scrapper said...

Marc said just look at it like going back into mommy gear (lol). He said vacation is over...welcome home.