Friday, May 16, 2008

Abe's 10th cast

Well it's with a sad heart that I have to tell ya'll that we are not coming home tomorrow. Abe's right foot is still very stiff. His left foot is ready for the tenodomy but not his left. Dr. Ponseti was very apologetic. He's an amazing man. So we all have hopes that the tenodomy will be done on Wednesday and we will be heading home soon. I have already loaded the van having confidence that today was the day. I know better than to do that when it comes to doctors and hospitals.

Now I have to refocus and get my mind set on getting this done. It has hit me hard and I can't seem to stop crying. My bubble has been burst. Please pray for all of us as we regroup and realize we have to stay here. They told us this morning that if they did the tenodomy too soon it would be very painful for Abe. It would also possibly mean more casting. Dr. Ponseti told the doctors you don't see a foot like this very often because it's so severe and we very rarely have to do this many cast. We have come this far and want it done right. I keep hearing God say, "patience my child". Thankfully I am His child and once again He will carry us through. I am so glad there are no limits on God. He will carry us as long, as far, forever.

With this email I am trying to convince myself of all of this. It would be so very easy to throw my hands up and say enough is enough. Rambling once again.

Thanks so much for all your prayers!!!

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