Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunshine - that wonderful vitamin D

OK my friend said ya'll wanted to hear the good stuff too so here goes. The doctor told me the fastest way to increase my vitamin D was sun. Today I thought I would sit in the sun for a little while. Marlee Anne went out there with me so I didn't have much quiet time but during the quiet time I had my thoughts were happy.

First off I had to laugh when Marlee Anne asked what I was wearing. It was a bathing suit but..... well what can I say, I just had a baby. LOL!!! Now I can use that line up until Abe is how old?

As I sat outside I laughed because I sat in an adirondack chair and propped my feet up in another one. Not the best laying out situation but the only one I had readily available. I thought back to the days when my mom and I would lay out in the back yard in those tri folding chairs where the metal got so hot it would burn you if you touched it. We would either have, now don't have a fit, either you will gasp when I tell you or you will laugh and say oh I remember doing that. OK so we either had crisco and/or baby oil with iodine. We had some good tans though. If I could have vit D in reserve from way back then I would be good to go.

Marlee Anne kept saying mommie does it feel good. All I could get out was uh huh. It was very nice and relaxing, even the 500 times she and I pitched the ball back and forth.

She wanted to put water in her sand box to play in it. I told her we couldn't do that and I reminded her why. I told her if daddy got caught he could lose his job. Then we would lose the house cause we couldn't pay for it. She said I thought we bought our house. I said yes we did but we still have to pay the bank for it. I said we would have to go live with granmama. She wanted to know why we couldn't live with Aunt Kim. She sat quietly for about 2 seconds, which is about her limit to not say anything, and said I know. She said I will give my money to daddy to help pay for the house. I said well you are saving that money for a playset. She said well you know mom I will have the biggest playset ever in Heaven. I can wait. This is more important. Sometimes that girl!

I came in to get a shower and as I was getting out of the shower I heard laughter filling the house. First Mike's laugh, then Michala, Marlee Anne and Mary Elizabeth's. They were all playing. I love the sound of them being so happy.

Once again I am reminded how very blessed I am.

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